The Cryptic Cave {Part 7}

“Oh god no. This is not good” –Tanfesor said while looking up at the enormous creatures.

“Guys look!” –Finia said while pointing at the top of the elevator.

There was a timer showing 10 minutes.

“This could only mean one thing. When it reaches 0 the elevator will go up.” –Qlamperun said.

“Some of us need to stay and make some time. We need to fight these things.” –Arith said.

“Girls and kids should go to the elevator.” –Qlamperun said.

Q immediately stood in front of Zezrom. Looking straight into his purple eyes. She then punched him in his arm and moved his head saying no.

“Oh my! Qlamperun, you made Q do something! Guess she made it pretty clear that she’s not going to the elevator” –Jaliah said.

Qlamperun bowed his head and then looked at Q. “I’m sorry, Q. I didn’t mean it as if you’re weak.”

She then gave him a smirk.

“Ishuni, I need you to go to the elevator and stay with Ninko. We need to protect our baby.” –Ukriki said to his wife.

“But… I hate leaving you.” –Ishuni said.

“I will be fine. You take care of our baby.” –Ukriki said. She just nodded.

“Ishuni, is it okay if Finia and Fifer go with you?” –May-Ling asked.

“Of course, I’ll look after them.” –Ishuni said.

“No way! I want to fight those monsters!” –Fifer said.

May-Ling then looked straight into his eyes. “Fifer, I know how brave and strong you are, but I have another mission for you. I need you to take care of your sister. Can you do that for me?”

Fifer quickly gave her a smile. “I will May!”

“That’s my boy.” –May-Ling said while putting his hand on his orange hair.

“Parza, I’m not letting you fight. You’re going with them.” –Jaliah said to the old lady sitting in the wheelchair.

“Darling, I know you care about me but I’m still a strong lady.” –Parza said.

“Please, let me handle this. I need you to be okay.” –Jaliah said.

“Okay. Please be careful” –Parza said.

"Benston, you should go with those five. Just in case. They need someone to protect them." -Arith said to Benston.

"Are you sure you are going to be fine fighting those creatures?"- Benston asked.

"I will be." -Arith said.

"Okay then, I will go with them." -Benston said.

"Thank you" -Arith said back.

Hariah looked at Madame Uni who was looking at her. “Don’t even give me that look. I’m staying here to fight.” Hariah said to her.

“I know. But I will stay here with you.” –Madame Uni said.

“Whatever” –Hariah said.

Benston, Ishuni, Ninko, Fifer, Finia and Parza walked towards the elevator.

“Anyone else wants to go to the elevator?” –Arith asked.

No one answered.

“Okay then, let’s fight!!” –Arith said.

The End

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