The Cryptic Cave {Part 6}

 “Quick! Jump into my back!” –Dalaila said to Cresio.

Cresio did what he was told and jumped to the angel’s back. The three sisters spread her wings once again and began flying as fast as they could.

“We need to get to the Pizzeria as soon as possible and let the group know!” –Kalaila said.

After several minutes the four of them got there. They flew down towards the restaurant.

“We need to leave! Now!” –Cresio said while he walked into the Pizzeria.

Everyone looked at him in a confused way.

“Why? What’s going on, Cresio?” –Benston said.

“Three awful creatures are on their way to here!” –Nalaila said.

“Three creatures?” –Yiuni said.

“Yes! We need to leave!” –Cresio shouted.

Everyone quickly stepped outside the restaurant. “I knew there was something wrong with this place” –Saphiro said to no one in particular.

The ground started to shake. Even harder by the minute. “They’re getting closer!” –Kalaila said.

“Lovelies, I think I get it now.” –Parza said. Everyone just turned to look at the old lady.

“What do you mean you get it now, Parza?” –Ukriki asked.

“The sign. The part where it said that there’s always two sides of a coin. There needs to be something in the back of that sign.” –Parza said.

“Are you sure” –Tanfesor said.

“There’s only one way to figure out! Let’s go!” –Arith said.

The group rushed their way to the sign. The ground was shaking even harder now.

“There it is!” –Wimphia yelled while pointing at the sign.

Arith was the first one to reach the sign. He looked behind. His face said it all. “Parza, you were right.”

“What does it say?” –May-Ling said while holding both Finia and Fifer around his arms.

Arith cleared his throat and began reading. “If you’re reading this it means you figured it out. Maybe in the right time or maybe it’s too late already. Now, head back immediately to the elevator. This place if full of temptations.”

“So that was it. We were never meant to go to the city. It was a trap all this time.” –Qlamperun said.

“But why would the elevator take us here in the first place?” –Sallyia said.

“To test us. See if we would figure it out or not.” –Ishuni said.

“And apparently we failed.” –Cyfon said.

The ground was shaking harder and harder now. The group was then covered by three huge shadows. The three black creatures were now in front of the group. Ready to eat them alive.

The End

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