The Cryptic Cave {Part 5}

 “I smell pizza” –Cyfon said.

“That’s right, dude! We’re in front of a Pizzeria!” –Xerio said as excited as a kid.

Everyone just went directly inside the place. Inside was a huge table with 30 seats. On the table there was all kind of pizzas. Ham and cheese, pepperoni, Hawaiian, mushrooms, sausage, vegetarian, etc.

Everyone just jumped into the table and started grabbing all kind of slices like crazy people that haven’t eaten in a year.

“I swear this is the best pizza I’ve had in my entire life” –Jaliah said.

“This isn’t right.” –Saphiro whispered to Arith who was sitting next to him devouring a slice of pizza.

 “Phiro, eating pizza isn’t a sin.” –Arith said.

“No, not referring to the pizza. All of this. Why is whoever doing this to us, helping us one of the sudden?” –Saphiro said with  worried look.

“I don’t know, but it’s better than starving to death if you ask me.” –Arith said.

Saphiro just ignored him, still worried about all of this.

“My sisters and I are going to fly around this city and see if we can find something.” –Kalaila said while using a napkin to wipe her mouth.

“That’s a good idea. Be careful out there.” –Zezrom said.

The three sisters stepped outside the pizzeria. They spread their white wings open and began to fly.

“This is quite weird. A city inside a cave?” –Dalaila said while flying past several skyscrapers.

“It is, but it’s such a cute city!” –Nalaila said.

“Gosh Nalaila, you’re always so bubbly about everything.” –Kalaila said.

Nalaila just gave her a genuine smile.

“GO BACK! NOW!” –Someone was yelling from below.

“Girls! Be quiet! I heard something.” –Dalaila said.

The three angels looked  below them. They saw a red-haired guy running in the street.

“That’s Cresio!” –Kalaila said.

“What’s wrong with him?” –Nalaila said.

The sisters flew directly towards him, landing in front of him.

“Where are you heading with such a rush?” –Kalaila said.

“Are you girls deaf?! I was telling you to go back! It’s not where I’m heading; it’s who I’m running from!” –Cresio said while breathing heavily.

The ground started to shake. The four of them turned around to see three huge black creatures. They had six legs, long pointy ears, big claws, a gigantic mouth with enormous fangs, a dog-like nose, a long tail with spikes and they had no eyes.

“What… are those?” –Nalaila said in a nervous tone.

“Exactly what I was wondering. Now run!!” –Cresio said.


The End

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