The Cryptic Cave {Part 4}

Everyone just stood there, shocked to see an elevator in the middle of this gloomy cave.

“Look, there seems to be a note attached to the elevator’s wall” –Nalaila said.

“I’ll get it” –Arith said. He walked inside the elevator, grabbed the note and stepped outside. He then read it. “Quite unexpected to find an elevator inside this eerie cave, isn’t it? But what’s not unexpected about this place after all. Back to business, you must all enter the elevator. If you stay behind then you will be gone.”

“You will be gone? Does it mean… you die if you don’t step inside the elevator?” –Yiuni asked.

“I think that’s right.” –Arith said.

“Guess we have no other option than to obey what this note is telling us” –Lonyer said.

Everyone started walking towards the elevator. The room was wide and strong enough to support thirty people.

“That’s all of us. Now what?” –Cresio said.

Right after Cresio finished talking the doors shut closed. There was a silence inside the elevator. No one was talking. Then it appeared the elevator began to make its way down.

No one opened their mouths. They were all having mixed emotions about what was going to be behind those doors once the elevator opens them.

After a one minute ride the elevator stopped. You could hear everyone breathing.

The doors slowly began to open. Once opened, they could all see what was in front of them. It was a city. Buildings, restaurants, houses, parks, etc.

“Is this real? A city inside a cave?” –Xerio said.

“I don’t even know what to think about this place anymore.” –Jaliah said.

Everyone then stepped out of the elevator. “There’s a sign” –Wimphia said while pointing to her right.

“I’ll read it.” –Saphiro said while clearing his throat. “Such beautiful city, all for you to enjoy. But remember, there's always two sides of a coin."

“This needs to be some kind of trap” –Qlamperun said. “Dude, it might be. But there’s restaurants. We haven’t eaten in a while now. I’m starving.” –Xerio said.

“We need to discuss this first. What’s up with the part mentioning how a coin has to sides?” –Jaliah said.

“Jaliah is right. We need to be smart about this. Yes, it might be a very nice city but we can’t forget this is a twisted place.” –Dalaila said.

“And where’s everyone? It seems we’re the only ones around here.” –May-Ling said.

“Well, we won’t find any answers if we keep standing here. I’m going to just take a look around.” –Cresio said.

“We should stick together.” –Zezrom said.

“Who are you? My dad? I’ll do whatever I want.” –Cresio said while walking away from the group.

“Let him go. We won’t make him change his mind.” –Arith said.

“Back to what Xerio said about the restaurants. I’m sure we are all starving. I would say to let’s go and check it out and see if there’s something to eat.” –Tanfesor said.

No one seemed to oppose. You could hear several stomachs grumbling.

“Let’s go then.” –Arith said.

Everyone began walking across town.

“There is something wrong with this place. It looks too perfect. Beautiful houses, stores, skyscrapers, parks, restaurants. Whoever is behind this is not dumb. They need to be planning something.” –Saphiro thought to himself.

He just kept walking with the group. All he needed right now was some food.



The End

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