The Cryptic Cave {Part 3}

 Without any other option left the group decided to adventure themselves into the cave. With Ukriki’s light and the mini bright force field Jaliah, Yiuni and Youno did was enough to lead the way.

“Careful where you all step” –Zezrom said. “We don’t know what this cave has in store to us.”

“Don’t be scared. We will be fine.” –Hariah said to Riri. Riri just looked at her with those nervous eyes. “How do you know that?” –Riri said in a shy way. “I don’t, but you’re my best friend here. In fact the only person I like. You’ll be safe with me. I’m a tough cookie.” –Hariah said. Riri just gave her a smile.

“Babe, I have a bad feeling about this” –Sallyia said to Lonyer. “I do too, but there’s no other option for us right now. Don’t worry, I’m not letting anything happening to you. Consider this our extreme Honey Moon.” –Lonyer said trying to cheer up his newly wife. Sallyia let out a quick laugh.

“How’s the baby doing?” –Benston asked Ishuni. “He’s okay. He’s been sleeping a lot lately.”–Ishuni said while holding him with her arms. “I can tell he is going to be one tough kid when he grows up.” –Benston said. “That’s nice of you to say. Thank you, Benston.” –Ishuni said.

“So what’s your story?” –Ishuni asked. “Well, since I was a kid, just like Ninko, I’ve been obsessed with music. I remember having my first guitar at 5. I played it all day long, to the point where I annoyed everyone in the house. When I turned 16 my dad bought me an electric guitar. I learned how to improve my skills. This guitar and I became one. I even named him.” –Benston said.

“What is its name?” –Ishuni asked. “I call him Rongo. I’ve been performing in a lot of concerts now. I formed a band with some friends. It was until we had to go to this city to perform. I remember getting ready backstage. The next thing I remember is waking up in that beach we all appeared at.” –Benston said.

“Quite the question we all have about what’s really happening here, but don’t you worry. We will all be fine. You’ll be back performing to hundreds of people.” –She said. “Thanks Ishuni.” –Benston said.

“How can you see where you’re going if you are blind?” –Fifer said to Cyfon.

“Fifer!” –May-Ling said in a serious tone.  “It’s okay, May. Let me explain to him.” –Cyfon said in a clam way. He continued. “Fifer, me being blind makes my other senses stronger. I guide myself by touching, smelling, feeling my surroundings. It was a struggle for me as a kid but now I’ve mastered it. I think I do a pretty good job now.” –Cyfon said with a smile on his face. “That’s so cool! I want to be blind!” –Fifer said so excited. “Haha. You’re quite a brave kid.” –Cyfon said.

Arith, who was in front of everyone, stopped walking. “Why did you stopped?” –Saphiro asked. Arith just pointed in front of him with a confused look on his face. Saphiro turned to look. It was these two huge doors. They immediately opened. It was a very wide white space. Very illuminated.

“Is that what I think it is?” –Tanfesor said. “Yes, it seems we just found an elevator inside a cave.” –Arith said.

The End

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