The Cryptic Cave {Part 2}

“But how? Weren’t you watching over us, Zezrom? You didn’t see someone blocking the entrance?” – Tanfesor said.

“I was, in fact it was as if that huge boulder just appeared in a matter of a second. There was no one there.” –Zezrom said.

“Whoever did this clearly doesn’t want us to leave the cave now.” –Benston said.

“But the note that Wimphia found said we needed to go through the Black Forest. Those were the instructions. It never mentioned anything about a cave.” –Dalaila said.

“Perhaps we were not supposed to enter the cave.” –Parza said.

Everyone turned to see the old lady sitting in the wheelchair.

“What do you mean, Parza?” –Lonyer asked.

“Think about it, young people. The instructions were clear. Make your way through the entire Black Forest. It never said anything about stopping to rest in a cave. What I think is that we didn’t follow the instructions and now we might be being punished for it.” –Parza said.

“That actually makes sense, but again, how do they expect us to go through this huge forest without sleeping?” –Saphiro asked.

“Maybe the problem was not that we stopped to sleep. It was that we entered this cave.” –Cyfon said.

“But the cave is inside the Black Forest, so theoretically we didn’t break the rules.” –May-Ling said.

“True, but the note said we needed to make our way through the Black Forest. Not a cave. Even if it were to be inside the Forest, we’re still taking a detour.” –Cyfon said.

“What is happening exactly right now is what we’re supposed to do every time.” –Arith said. He then continued. “We need to think things through before making a decision.”

“It was my fault for finding the cave… I’m sorry.” –Riri said.

“No it wasn’t, Riri. We all agreed to enter the cave. You didn’t make us. We all made a mistake.” –Arith said.

“Well, I’m not going to sit here and be trapped inside this cave. Do you all remember who I am?” –Mrs.Shosy said. “I’m going to move that boulder.”

She started to walk towards the rock, but as soon as she placed her hands on the rock she was immediately pushed back into the ground. Landing with her back.

Everyone ran where she landed. “Mrs. Shosy! Are you okay?” –Yiuni asked. “Agh… That hurt.” –Was all Mrs. Shosy could say.

“Interesting. It seems the rock has been manipulated with some kind of repelling force.” –Qlamperun said.

“Whoever did this clearly doesn’t want us to leave the cave any time soon.” –Kalaila said.

“That just leaves us with one option.” –Arith said. He made a small pause to look the inside of the dark cave, and then continued. “We need to go deeper into the cave.”

The End

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