The Black Forest {Part 2}

“Everyone one gather up in a circle!” –Arith yelled.

All of them did what Arith said and in a matter of 5 seconds everyone was in a circle-shape way.

“Keep your eyes opened, watch your side.” –Arith kept saying.

One of the sudden the trees stopped moving. Everything went silent.

“What’s happening? Why did it stopped?” –Finia whispered.

“I don’t know. But keep-“ –May-Ling was interrupted by 9 ft. Ape-Like creature who landed in front of her. A bunch of them appeared and surrounded the whole group as well, trapping them.  These were not normal gorillas. There were 9 ft. red gorillas with big sharp teeth and sharp claws.

Finia’s scream broke the silence.

“Attack everyone!” –Arith yelled.

“NO!” –Qlamperun yelled while covering Finia’s mouth with his hand so she would stop screaming. “No one move! Stay where you are.”

“Are you crazy?! These creatures are going to kill us!” –Cresio said.

“Just trust me and don’t move.” –Qlamperun said in a confident way.

The purple haired man closed his fingers forming a fist. He then closed his eyes. After several seconds he opened them. His eyes were glowing this intense purple color. The gorillas started to move around as if they were looking for something. Some were checking the trees, others the ground. After several minutes looking around the red gorillas gave up and left.

The group just stood there. Shocked.

“Of course! Illusions!” –Mrs. Shosy said.

Qlamperun’s eyes returned to their normal purple color. “That’s right. I made them see as if we were gone. I tricked them.” –Qlamperun said.

“Well done, Qlamperun. You just saved us all.” –Ukriki said.

“He did. But who knows what else is out there. We might be safe for now but not for long.” –Tanfesor said.

“He’s right. We need to find some place to spend the night.” –Saphiro said.

“The new guy is right.” –Hariah said.

“Let’s keep going then. If someone sees a good place to spend the night let everyone know.” –Arith said.

The group continued walking. After 30 minutes exploring the Black Forest Riri said “Guys! I think there’s a cave right there!”

Everyone’s attention was drawn by Riri’s words. “Where?” –Benston asked. “Right there” –Riri said while pointing behind 3 huge trees.

Everyone got close to where Riri was pointing at. “Perfect. It’s indeed a cave.” –Zezrom said. “We can spend the night here” –Arith said. “We don’t know whose cave is this. It can belong to someone dangerous.” –Jaliah said. “True, but it’s really getting dark and it would be even more dangerous if we keep walking like this. And I’m sure we all need to rest. We’re all tired.” –Arith said.

Jaliah didn’t opposed but he was still very sketchy about the idea.

The entrance of the cave was around 15 ft. tall. It was pitch black. “Ukriki, give us the honors?” –Lonyer said.

Ukriki just nodded and once again he snapped his finger, illuminating the area around them. They all started to walk towards the inside of the cave.






The End

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