The Black Forest {Part 1}

Once they all stepped inside the Black Forest, everything went darker. The huge black trees covered almost all the sunlight, giving the forest a creepy feeling.

“Let me help a little bit.” –Ukriki said. He then snapped his fingers, creating a very bright light above them. Illuminating around them, just enough to see clearly where they’re heading.

“Thanks bro, that’s much better” –Xerio said.

“Thank you for volunteering to push my wheelchair, young man.” –Parza said to Jaliah. “It’s a pleasure, Parza.” –He said with a smile, even though it was a little bit hard to push a wheelchair in a ground full with small rocks and dirt.

“This seems too easy.” –Dalaila said to her two sisters. “What do you mean?” –Nalaila asked. “Well, whoever left that note made it very clear to cross the Black Forest. There needs to be a reason why. Something needs to happen.” –Dalaila said.  “I agree with you, sister. Let’s keep our eyes open.” –Kalaila said.

Saphiro heard the three sisters speaking. “Hey Arith, I think Dalaila is right. This seems too easy. I have a feeling that it’s going to get ugly.” –Saphiro whispered to Arith who was next to him. “I know, I was thinking the same. Let’s just keep walking and be careful.” –Arith whispered back.

“Hey” –Hariah said to Riri who was next to her. “Hi, Hariah right?” –Riri asked. “You got that right, Riri. Hey, you seem like a nice girl and I don’t say that about everyone.” –Hariah said. “Thanks?” –Riri said confused. “You’re my new friend now.” –Hariah said with a grim on her face. “Uh, okay sure.” –Riri said without knowing what else to reply with. Riri then looked behind them to see Madame Uni. She then turned around and said to Hariah, “Um, why are you so mean with Madame Uni?” “Ugh, she just follows me everywhere like I’m some kind of baby. It stresses me out. I don’t need a babysitter.” –Hariah said with an upset tone. “You know, she’s not doing it to bother you. She just wants to protect you.” –Riri said in a cute way. “Whatever” –Was all Hariah could say.

“That’s a really beautiful baby you have, mam.” –Zezrom said to Ishuni who was carrying the baby. “Thank you, Zezrom. It surprises me he has been asleep all this time.” –Ishuni replied while looking at her baby. “I wonder what that baby would be able to do” –Benston said while hearing both of them talking. “My husband and I do too. But there’s no need to rush it. When he’s ready we’ll know.” –Ishuni said.

“Hey, you’re okay? It just seems you’re a little scared.” –Mrs. Shosy said to Wimphia. “Uh, yeah yeah. Sorry, just thinking a lot. I’m confused about everything that is happening to us.” –Wimphia said while looking at the ground. “We’re all confused, girl. But don’t you worry! We will be fine.” –Mrs. Shosy said. “I hope so.” –Wimphia replied.

“This climate is not benefiting my hair.” –Yiuni said. “Oh come on! We’re stuck in an unknown place and you’re worrying about your hair?” –Youno said. “A girl needs to look pretty no matter the situation.” –Yiuni said. “Apparently that never works for you.” –Youno said almost laughing. “Oh sibling love.” – Cyfon said. “Huh?” –Both Yiuni and Youno said at the same time. “Doesn’t matter how much you two argue, deep inside your heart you know how much you care about each other.” –Cyfon said with a smirk. Both Yiuni and Youno looked at each other. “Hell no!” –Yiuni and Youno said at the same time. Cyfon just laughed.

“This is so cool!” –Fifer said with a huge smile on his face. “Fifer, try not to be so loud.” –May-Ling replied. “May, this is really scaring me” –Finia said. “Hey, don’t worry. Look at Fifer; he’s all happy about it. It will be okay” –May-Ling said.

“Hi there, cutie.” –Tanfesor said to Q. Q just kept walking, without looking at him. “You know, your silence is sexy.” –Tanfesor said. “She’s not going to talk, Tanfesor. And if it helps, she’s not into you.” –Qlamperun said. “How are you so sure? Maybe she’s deeply in love with me already.” –Tanfesor said with such confidence. “Not even one of these trees would be into you, buddy.” –Qlamperun said. “Whatever” –Was all Tanfesor said. Without anyone noticing, Q had the slightest smirk on her face after hearing Qlamperun’s reply.

“That’s a nice ring you have there” –Cresio said to Sallyia. “Thanks, Cresio.” –Sallyia said. “And may I say how pretty you are.” –Cresio said. “Thanks buddy; she already has someone that tells her how pretty she is.” –Lonyer said while grabbing Sallyia’s hand. Cresio just kept walking.

One of the sudden the ground started shaking. Trees started to move left and right.

“What’s going on?” –Saphiro said to Arith.

“I don’t know, but whatever it is, it’s nothing good.” –Arith replied.


The End

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