The First Letter.

Everyone started talking about what they should do next. Quietly, Wimphia stood up. She wanted to go outside for a second. She needed to feel the breeze hit her face. She walked towards the door, opened it, stepped outside and then closed it. She closed her eyes for a second, feeling the wind. She took a deep breath and then turned around to return to the house. When she turned around there was a piece of paper pinned to the wooden door. She immediately grabbed it and read it. Her eyes widen in surprised. She immediately opened the door and stepped inside.

“Guys! I found a letter!” –Wimphia yelled.

Everyone started to gather around Wimphia. “What does it say?” – Nalaila asked.

“It says, Head immediately to the forest. Whoever disobeys this instruction will be taken and never seen ever again.” –Wimphia finished reading.

Everyone’s expressions were blank. You could see terror and worries in people’s face.

“I know this is a shock to everyone right now. I’m sure we all have questions but we need to move. Like the letter said, we need to head to the forest immediately.” –Zezrom said.

“Zezrom is right. Let’s all stay together. Remember we’re all a team. Let’s go!” –Arith yelled.

Everyone started moving. Without opposing to Arith’s command.  The forest is right behind the wooden house they made. They all went outside and met behind the wooden house. The forest has huge trees but it’s leafs are all black. Which makes it seem even creepier.

They all just stood there in the sand. Looking at the forest. “I’m scared” – Finia said while looking at May-Ling. “And that’s normal, Finia. But I promise you that it will be fine. Just grab my hand.” –May-Ling said.

“Do we need to go through it? I mean, can’t we just surround it?” – Benston asked.

“That would be smart, but I’m not going to risk it and not follow instructions. The letter clearly said to immediately head to the forest, which means to go through it.” –Ukriki replied.

“Ukriki is right. Hey Saphiro, do me a favor. Quickly fly to the top of these tall trees and tell us approximately how big this forest looks.” –Arith said.

Saphiro just nodded. He then closed his eyes and transformed into a bald eagle. He quickly flew to the very top. When he got there he couldn’t believe it. He immediately flew back to the group.

“So?” – Hariah asked.

Saphiro returned to his human form. “Not to scare any of you but I couldn’t see the end. It looked infinite.”

“What? How long is going to take us cross that then?” – Kalaila asked.

“You all make great questions. The only way to figure it out is to get start it. We need to take advantage that it’s still day time.” –Jaliah said.

“He’s right. We can’t waste any more time.” –Youno said.

“Okay, we move in group. We all protect each other’s side. That way we all have eyes from any angle.” –Arith said.

Everyone nodded.

“And remember, we leave no one behind.” –Arith said.

The group agreed with everything and then proceeded to enter the Black Forest.





The End

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