Meeting the Characters {Part 3}

A man and a woman carrying a baby stood up next. “I’m Ukriki. I’m 40 years old. This is my lovely wife and my son. We are all mermaids. You can’t see our tail because when we’re out of water our tail turns into human feet. My ability is Illumination. I control the light; I’m capable of blinding anyone. My family and I are from Rufedontty Ocean. We live underwater.”

“I am Ishuni. I am 36 years old. My ability is my singing. Whenever I sing I make people fall asleep.” She then looked at his baby, who was sleeping at the moment. “This is our son. His name is Ninko. He’s 4 months old. We still don’t know what his ability is.”

“You’re all such a lovely family” –Saphiro said.

“Thank you, young boy.” –Ishuni said giving him a smile.

They all sat down. Ukriki is 6 ft 6. He’s tan with long black hair, black eyes and a long black beard. He’s a buff guy. He loves his family more than anything. Ishuni is 6 ft. She’s tan with very long balck hair and black eyes. She’s a very patient and lovely women. Ninko is tan as well. You can barely see his black hair.

“Well hello there young people” –An old lady sitting in a wheelchair said. “My name is Parza. I am sure I’m the oldest here. I’m 80 years old. I can control the cosmos and forces within. Like everything related to space.” She paused for a second. “As you can see I’m in a wheelchair. Due to my age it’s very hard for me to walk so I always need to be sitting here. Don’t feel sorry for me though! I already got used to it.” –She said with a smile on her face.  “I’m from Quton Town. I live in a nursery home next to my husband. Which I miss so much, I hope he’s doing okay.” Parza is 5 ft 1.  She’s white with gray eyes and very long gray hair. She’s a very sweet and smart old lady.

“Whoever is doing this to us must not have a heart in bringing an old lady and a baby here. That’s just wrong.” –Saphiro thought.

“I am sure he will be more than fine” –A guy said while putting his hand over her hand gently. “Thank you, young man.” –Parza replied. He just smiled and then he started to introduce himself. “My name’s Qlamperun. I’m 32 years old. My ability lets me manipulate people with illusions. I can practically trick people about what they’re seeing. I come from Lishu Town. I’m a magician.” Qlamperun is 6 ft 5. He has purple eyes and short purple hair. His hair is always perfectly combed. He’s a very smart, classy and respectful guy.

Another guy stood up. “Hi. I’m Cyfon. I’m 25.”

“Um could you look at us instead of looking directly at the wall?” – Cresio said interrupting him.

Cyfon turned to look at Cresio. “I would but there’s no point in doing that. If you wouldn’t have interrupted me you would know that I’m blind”. – Cyfon said.

There was silence in the house for a moment.

Cyfon continued. “Yes, I’m blind. But that doesn’t stop me from doing lots of stuff. As you can see I’m a cyborg. I’m half human and half robot.” Cyfon’s right arm is made of metal. It’s a gun-like arm. His left leg is also made of metal.  “With my arm I can shoot little blue spikes that can paralyze others. I’m from Krewto Town. I work with technology”. Cyfon is 6 ft 3 with yellow eyes and blonde hair. He’s tan. He’s a very brave and muscly guy.

“Stop, I can introduce myself. I don’t need your help.” –A girl said to this lady. “Okay Miss. I’m sorry.” –The lady said.

The girl stood up. “Hi everyone. My name is Hariah. I’m 16. I can turn my body into metal. Making me practically indestructible. I’m from Parguni Town. My dad’s the owner of all the companies there.” –She said with a cocky tone. She then flipped hair hair and sat down. Hariah is 5 ft 1. She’s white with brown eyes and light brown hair till her shoulders.  She’s a very cocky and independent girl.

“Greetings” –The other lady said. “I am Madame Uni. I’m 34 years old. I can transform into a vampire. I’m Hariah’s Guardian. Her dad put me in charge of her.” Madame Uni is 5 ft 2. She’s thin with black eyes and long black hair with a black ribbon. Her number one priority is Hariah. She’s very loyal an honest woman.

“I don’t need your protection” –Hariah said.

“We all need some kind of protection, Hariah. So calm down.”- Arith said.

Hariah just rolled her eyes and sat down. Madame Uni sat down as well.

A guy stood up. “Okay people, I’m Benston. I’m 22. As you can see I have this electric guitar with me. When I play this guitar it creates musical sound waves that can stop anyone that’s near me. I’m from Aglowrtun Town. I have my own rock band there.” Benston is 5 ft 9. He has gray eyes with a silver Mohawk. He’s white. His guitar is silver as well. He absolutely loves music and likes being the center of attention.

“I can give free concerts if any of you want.”-He said while sitting down.

A boy and a girl then stood up. They were holding hands.

“Hey people. I’m Lonyer” –The guy said. “I’m 24. My ability lets me transform into any object around me.”

“And I’m Sallyia” –The girl said. “I’m also 24 and my ability lets me transform into any shadow of someone or something. We’re both from Kuruni Town.”

“We actually just got married. We were in our honey moon when all this happened.” –Lonyer said.

“Oh well, congratulations.” –Most of the people in the house said.

Lonyer is 6 ft 1. He has red eyes with short red hair. He loves his wife and would do anything for her. Sallyia is 5 ft 9. She also has red eyes and long red hair. She also love sher husband.

They both sat down.

“Well, that’s all of us” –Arith said. “Your turn, Saphiro.”.

“Wait, you’re missing someone.” –Saphiro said. “You’re missing her.” He said while pointing at this girl. No one said anything for a moment. Then Arith broke the silence. “Phiro, she doesn’t talk.”

“What? What do you mean she doesn’t talk?” –Saphiro said in a confused tone.

“Arith is right. She hasn’t said a word since she got here. And she was the first one to get here. I know this because I was the second one. She was here already when I got to this place.” –Qlamperun said.

“We have tried communicating with her. We have done everything but she still doesn’t say a word” – Jaliah said.

“We all call her Q. As in Question Mark. That’s our nickname for her since she won’t tell us her name.” –Lonyer replied.

Q is 6 ft 3. She’s tan. With black eyes and long black hair. Her ability is unknown by everyone.

“With that being said, Saphiro, your turn” –Arith said smiling.

“Okay, well, hi everyone. My name is Saphiro. I am 21 years old. I can transform to any animal I want. I’m from Clory Town. Actually borh Arith and myself are from there. We’re best friends. That’s why we know each other aleady.” Saphiro is 5 ft 8. He’s tan with blue eyes and blonde hair. He’s a very clever and brave boy.

“Awe. How cute.” – Cresio said with a smirk on his face.

“Cresio, you’re so immature” –Arith said quickly.

“Whatever” –Cresio said without looking at him.

“That’s all of us now. Now what?” – Tanfesor asked.

“Now we plan what we should do next.” –Arith replied in a serious tone.



The End

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