Meeting the Characters {Part 2}

“I’ll go next then!” –A guy’s voice said in an excited tone. “I’m Jaliah. I’m 22. My ability lets me manipulate electricity. Everything related to thunder or lightning. Back in our planet I lived in Chorchen Town. For those who don’t know about what that is, is a place with a lot of factories. I usually help around with electric stuff.” He then looks at Saphiro . “May I say, welcome aboard, newbie.” –Jaliah said with a smile on his face. “Oh, thank you. My name’s Saphiro by the way” –Saphiro replied. “Lovely name” –Jaliah said. “Think that’s enough. Next one” –Arith interrupted. Jaliah is 5 ft 9. He’s white with green eyes. His has short green hair. He’s a very positive and confident guy.

“Yes sir” –Jaliah said to Arith while sitting down.

A girl stands up. “Hello everyone. I’m called Wimphia. I’m 18 years old. I can basically control wind. I’m from Itsy Town. It’s very cold there but it’s always windy, which I enjoy”. She then sits down. Wimphia is 5 ft 5.  Very white skin, with white eyes and white long hair. She’s a very delicate, sweet and daydreaming girl.

“Make some space for this fine lady” –A raspy voice said “You can all call me Mrs. Shosy. My age is…” She makes a pause “If I hear someone laughing at my age I’ll make sure you’ll never see the light.” There was silence. She then laughs. “Nah! I’m just kidding. I’m 50 and I am pretty strong. I’m sure stronger than any guy here. I’ll show you.” She approaches this wooden table. She starts lifting it with just one finger. You can hear people saying “Wow”. She then placed it back down. “That’s right. So don’t mess with Mrs. Shosy.” She then laughs again. “I’m from Parapoy Town. I’m in charge of constructions. I basically carry stuff with my hands. Think that’s it.” She then sits down. Mrs.Shosy is 5 ft 10. She’s a very curvy, kind of fat, women. She’s black. Black eyes and black afro hair. She’s very sassy and it’s not afraid to speak up her mind.

Saphiro just sat there, thinking “All these people have some interesting personalities. I’m actually excited to hear more”.

A guy with a surf board stands up. “Hey dudes. I’m Xerio. I’m 22. I can control all type of liquid, water to be more specific. I’m a surfer dude who spends most of his time in Tatsui Beach. I’m all day surfing. That’s what I enjoy. This is all pretty crazy but at least we’re at the beach! Peace out.” He then sits down. Xerio is 5 ft 9. He’s tan with blue eyes and blue short hair. He’s a very relax guy.

“Did you woke up with a surf board?” –someone asked.

“That’s right, bro. I guess I’ll be needing this later on? Since “they” let me keep it. Who knows. But I’m not complaining”.

“We’re next.” –A boy and a girl said at the same time. “My name’s Younu. I’m 12.” –The boy said. “I’m Yiuni. I’m also 12. As you can see we’re twins”. –The girl said. “We both have the same ability, which is turning invisible” –Youno said. “And when we come together we can create a force field that can protect us from anything.” –Yiuni continued. “We’re from Doliomo Town. It’s a small fishing town.” –Younu said.

“Are you two always finishing each other’s sentences?” –someone said.

“Sometimes. We just know each other very well. But let me assure you something, we have very different personalities.” –Yiunu said.

“Yeah, like she’s always doing her makeup and staring at the mirror”- Youno said almost laughing. Yiuni gave him a slap in the back of his head. “Very funny” –Yiuni said.

They both took a sit. They’re both 5 ft 2. Youno has black eyes and short hair. He’s a joker. Yiuni has also black eyes and hair. She wears a ponytail. She is very girly.

“This is so stupid. Instead of learning more about each other like in kinder we should start looking for answers” –A boy said.

“Haven’t you thought maybe knowing each other will help us figure out what things we have in common and that way we’ll figure all of this out?” –Arith said giving him a serious stare.

“Whatever. I’m Cresio and I’m 25. I can throw acid from my hands melting any kind of material. I come from Fursha Town.”

People started to whisper.

“You know, I’m not deaf. I know that place is where all the gangs live, but don’t worry, if you guys don’t bother me then I’ll promise you that I won’t melt you.” –He said with a smirk on his face.

“I want to see you trying it” –Mrs. Shosy said lifting her fist in front of Cresio’s face.

“Wow, calm down lady. I’m just joking” –Cresio said.

“You better” –Mrs. Shosy said returning to her place.

Cresio just rolled his eyes and sat down. Cresio is 6 ft 2. He’s tan. With red eyes and red short hair. His sides are shaved and his top is longer. He’s a very sarcastic guy who loves to be alone.

“Hi” –A very sweet girl said “I am Riri. I’m 15. I can make myself tiny. Even tinier than an ant. I’m from Urtubio Town. It’s a very calm rustic place.” Riri is 5 ft 4. She’s white with pink eyes and hair. She’s wearing two ponytails. She’s a very reserve girl.

She then sits down.

“Well hello my fellow friends! I’m yours and only, Tanfesor. I’m 19 and I can stretch myself in any way possible. In other words, I’m elastic. Very flexible” He gives a wink to May-Ling. She just rolls her eyes. “I’m from Xutu Town. It’s a very busy place there. Every girl is crazy for me.” –He said. Some girls starting to laugh in a low tone. “I can hear that girls! Believe me or not, I’m a ladies man!” He gives one last wink to no one in particular and then he sits down. Tanfesor is 5 ft 7. He’s white. He has orange eyes and hair. With some freckles on his face. He’s a very funny guy who is in love with any girl he sees.

Three very gorgeous girls then stood up. “Hello, my name is Kalaila. I’m 26”. “I’m Nalaila and I’m 26”. “And I am Dalaila, which I’m also 26”.

“We’re all sisters. Triplets to be exact. We're angels. We all have wings. Which you can’t see right now since their hiding inside our backs.” –Kalaila said.

“Each one of us have a different weapon. I have bow and arrows. I’m pretty good shooting right  into the target.” –Nalaila said.

“I’ll let you shoot my heart anytime” –Tranfesor said.

Dalaila interrupted “I use this shield to defend myself and my sisters” She paused. “Or from creeps” –Dalaila said looking at Tranfesor.

“And I have a sword. I’m very good at fighting. We’re also from Veruniam Town. Which is a town located in the sky.” –Kalaila said. They all turned around and returned to their spots. The three of them are 6 ft 1 and white. With yellow eyes and long blonde hair. Kalaila is known as the brave one, Nalaila as the lovely one and Dalaila as the clever one.

“Greetings. I’m Zezrom. I’m 28. I can use Telekinesis. Which means I can control or move any kind of object with my mind. I’m from Hughen Town. It’s a very calm and small town.” He then sat down. Zezrom is 6 ft 4 with brown eyes and kind of long hair that covers his eyes. He’s a smart, serious and elegant guy.


The End

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