Meeting the Characters {Part 1}

Saphiro and Arith walked for 15 minutes down the beach to meet the others.

“There it is.” –Arith told him.

In front of them there was a wooden house with palm trees as a roof.

“Woah. Where did this house came from?” –Saphiro asked him.

“You have so much to learn but I don’t blame you. After all you were the last one to get here” –Arith replied.

“Last one to get her? Do you mean not everyone got here at the same time?” –Saphiro said.

“No. Every day someone appeared here at the beach.” – Arith said.

“So that means it’s been 30 days? Gosh my brain hurts.” –Saphiro said while looking at the ground.

“It’s okay. It took me a whole day to catch up. I actually got here a day before you, so I’m kind of a newbie here.” –Arith said.

“I just don’t get what’s happening in this place and why are we wearing these suits?” –Saphiro asked feeling dumb for just bringing it up until now.

The suits they’re wearing are made of latex. It’s colors are black with a very dark blue. They cover you entire body except your neck, head, hands and feet. They’re all barefooted.

“Another great question that I don’t have an answer for. We all woke up with the same suits. Come on, let’s go so you can meet the others.”

Both of them approach the wooden house. Saphiro can see several people outside collecting some wood and food. They all stop what they’re doing and get near the boy.

“Is this the last one?!” – A voice said.

“We’re 30 now!” –Another voice yells.

“Now what’s going to happen?” –Another one replies.

“Okay okay, calm down all of you. We should all come inside and have a meeting.” –Arith said.

They all stopped talking and everyone came inside. There were other people inside as well.

“Listen up, everyone! We have a newcomer. Apparently the last one. I think we should all come together and talk about what we should do.” –Arith said in a loud voice.

Saphiro always knew Arith was like a leader. He loved to lead people. That’s his personality. Back home they always hanged out. Even though they were completely opposite. He was shy and reserved and Arith was outgoing and very social guy. “Why would both of us be picked for this?” –He thought to himself. He didn’t know but it made him in a weird way happy because he loves to be around Arith. His thoughts were interrupted by another guy’s voice.

“Arith is right. Everyone come here and sit on the floor. We should talk about what’s our next move.”

Without questioning him everyone came close and sat in a circle.

“What if one by one we all stand up, say your name, your ability and something else you’d like to share. I know some of us have been here longer and might know each other a little bit more but we haven’t really done this and I think it will help us to get to know each other more. It will specially help our newcomer, Saphiro to catch up.” –Arith said to everyone.

Most of them nodded.

“Okay, I’ll start. As all of you know my name is Arith. I’m 21 years old. I can control any type of frozen liquid. We all call it ice. So if any of you need to refresh yourself, since we’re at the beach ,come to me and I can make great icecreams.” –Arith said with a smile. Arith is 5 ft 8. He has white skin. He also has white eyes with white short hair.

“Okay, who’s next?” –Arith asked.

“I’ll go next.” –A female voice replied. She stood up while Arith sat down. “My name’s May-Ling. I’m 20 years old. My ability is a Sonic Scream. I can emit highly enhanced destructive and deafening scream of high amplitude. I live with my little brother and sister in the Mysont Forest.”

“Mysont Forest’ Isn’t that like one of the most dangerous forests to live in?” –Someone said.

“That’s right but that’s not a problem for us. I’m a tough girl, as well as my siblings. That’s it.” –May-Ling said. She’s 5 ft 7. She’s Asian-like. White skin with long black hair and black eyes. She’s a very tough and brave girl that loves her brother and sister.

May-Ling sits down and whispers to this girl next to her. “What about you go now, Finia. People are eager to hear about you.” The girl gives May-Ling a worried look. “Don’t be shy. Go ahead” –May-Ling said with a smile. The girl closes her eyes and then stands up. She starts talking with her eyes shut.

“Hi. I’m Finia. I’m 7 years old. I can control plant-life. I’m May-Ling’s and Fifer’s sister.” She then quickly sits down and open her eyes. “You did great” –May-Ling said with a smile. Finia just smiled back. Finia is 4 ft 3. She’s white. She has orange eyes and ginger hair. She has freckles on her face. She’s a very shy but sweet girl.

“My turn!” –A voice of a boy yelled. “My name is Fifer! I’m 8 years old. I can control and manipulate fire.” He then proceeds to snap his finger, creating a small flame on the tip of his finger. “Okay, that’s enough, Fifer” –May-Ling said. “Awe. You always ruin the fun for me… And I’m not your little brother! Remember I’m big and strong!” –Fifer replied to her. “Yes yes, you’re right. Now come sit down” –May-Ling said. Fifer frowned and sat down. Fifer is 4 ft 4. He’s also white with orange eyes and ginger short hair. He’s a very brave little boy. He isn’t scared of anything.

Saphiro was sitting next to May-Ling. He whispered to her. “Hey, I was wondering, how come you’re like Asian and they’re gingers?”. May-Ling looked at him with a deadly stare “That’s not of your business.” –She said. Saphiro quickly took away his eyes off her. “Lovely people we have here” –He thought.


The End

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