The Beginning.

Amphanio is a very peculiar planet, where some of the people there possess a certain ability or superpower.
Every 3 years, 30 people that have a special ability vanish from that planet. And they're sent to a mysterious and unknown one.
They're forced to endure, survive, work together to get out of there alive. The planet will be taking them one by one. Who'll make it to the end?

"Hey Phiro! Wake up!" -Arith said while giving him some gentle slaps on his face.

"Ouch... My head's hurting." -Saphiro said while opening his eyes very slowly.

Saphiro finally opened his eyes completely to find Arith on top of him. "Arith?" -Saphiro said in a confused tone. He then notice he's laying on his back. He can feel this weird texture with his hands. "What's this?" He thinks to himself. It feels like small grains. "Is this... sand?" -Saphiro asked in a surprised way. Before letting him answer, he quickly pushes Arith off with his hands. knocking him to the sand. Saphiro quickly stood up. His eyes couldn't believe what he was seeing. "Please tell me this is a dream. Are we really at the beach?" -Saphiro said still in shock. "Well, I'd appreciate if you would help me to  stand up first" -Arith replied. 

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" -Phiro said while giving his hand to Arith to help him get up. "I'm just speechless right now. What is this place? How in the world we got here?".

"Slow down there, buddy. I'm as confused as you. I also woke up here without any clue of what happened." -Arith said while using his hand to get rid off the sand on his shirt.

"Arith, could this be... You know, remember the weird disappearances of people happening back home...? Could this be the place they are sent to?" - Phiro looked at him with a worried expression on his face.

"I thought the exact same thing but I didn't wanted to scare you." -Arith said.

There was a small silence between them.

"Well Phiro, we're not going to find any anwers if we just stay here. We need to go and meet the others." -Arith said breaking the silence.

"The others?" -Saphiro said raising his head.

"Yes silly! You thought we were alone? There's others going through the same situation we're going through right now. Let's go. We should get to know each other" -Arith said with a smile on his face.

"Okay, lead the way" -Saphiro said.

Both Arith and Saphiro started walking towards a group of people.

The End

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