Emily's mind

the next day

I walked into mr. helker's classroom to my desk, As I was about to sit down, I noticed a peice of paper sticking out from under my desk; Out of curiousity I sat down and took it out. I unfolded and I noticed right away what it was;  a lyric from one of my favorite songs, Northern dowpour; I read it,

"And then she said she cant believe, genious only comes along in storms of fabled foreign tounges. tripping eyes and flooded lungs.

northern downpour sends it's love."

My breat was uneven; I notice this handwriting.

I stand up and walk over to James,"Hey james, did you write this?" he smiled at me and i admired his perfect teeth.

"yeah." he answerd.

"Well did you know that this is my favorite song?"

"yes, thats why I sent it to you." he laughed softly, like a song being sung his laughter carried out itself through my ears.

"well, why did you send it to me, other then the fact that its my favorite song..."

"well, I figured that if i sent you somthing you liked it would give you a reason to talk to me." he flashed another one of his brilliant smiles.

I think to myself...well why would james want to talk to me? And how did he know that was my favorite song?

The End

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