One and lonely

two lovers find eachother, with at first one thing in common. a favorite song. Northern downpour. they meet in a shakespear class, the male role james leaves a note on the femal role emily's desk. a quote from the song. where will this relationship go? and how far?

"Does a rose by any other name, still smell as sweet?" emily said.

"very good. can you tell me what shakepear ment by this quote?" mr. helker asked.

emily looked across the room at me. her big blue eyes impacted me and knocked the wind away for a moment. I took a deep breath and listened to her beautiful voice answer Mr. helker's question.

"yes, it means, to me, that who cares what his name is...he is sweet. I dont care what his name is, im in love with him." she blushed and I smiled at how cute and innocent she is.

"good, good. James will you continue to read where emily has left off?"

"sure." I say.

I look at emily and quote shakespear. I have read his work since I was little, 
I didnt need the book to read what he wrote it is lodged into my brain.

emily took a small peek at me while I was reading, her cheeks became very pink when she noticed I was looking and quoteing shakespear to her. her lips pursed and she smiled and turned back to her book and followed along with me quietly.

Mr. helker put his hand up,"We will continue where we left off tomarrow, Mr. albert will be next to read tomarrow; you are dismissed, have a nice day."

I grabbed my backpack and book and stood up. then I saw emily infront of me. she looked like she wanted to say somthing but she didnt. I watched her leave and imagined her lips pursed, and then her lips, on mine.

The End

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