Within Reason

"It's amazing really, how long it took to find you." The black clad person slid through the hole in the wall, exposing the cold darkness outside. "You were trouble, compared to the others."

"What are you talking about?" Dylan spat, thinking that this intruder was making fun of him. Inside, he was delighted, a real human!

"The 16 before you, I could feel their presence, I could see what they saw. This helped me deduce their location." The figure slipped off his mask, revealing a simalar face. "You, on the other hand, were very difficult to locate. I couldn't see what you saw. You are so different than your brethren."

Dylan studied the face before him. Blue eyes, sandy hair, birth mark running below his right eye.

"You-your..."Dylan gasped as he recognized the face. "Your Me."

"Name's Leod." He suck out a hand and waited for Dylan to grasp it. "We are "brothers, you are my fellow clone."

"Dylan, you have to leave now.' Leod stepped back through the make-shift window and tugged on Dylan's shirt. "If you don't I'll have to knock you out, like, tranq you."

Dylan smiled, as he realized what he was talking to.

"Your a human," Dylan stated "You are speaking to me, you are alive!"

Leod rolled his eyes and took out a small ring, he twisted the stone set upon it. A small needle came through the stone.

"I said now! Oh well, I was told to tranq you either way..." Leod suck the needle into Dylan's calf, who instanly fell to the closet floor.

"If you turn out to be like number 5, I'll have to kill you, well, within reason." Leod whispered to himself. he slung Dylan over his shoulders and began running across the rooftops, leaving the empty closet behind.

The End

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