One among many

a very open story
About clones

"We finally have one, a survivor." A scientist exclaimed, while huddled over a small test tube. It was filled with a mass of cells floating in a nourishing liquid.

The scientist walked over to a mass of syringes and he emptied the contents of the test tube in it. Making sure the cells were unharmed, he sealed the syringe and  gave it to a woman sitting in the corner.

"We have it, finally." The Scientist sighed, he wiped away a bead of sweat sliding down the side of his unshaved cheek. "This is Leo the II, or better put a reborn Leo."

The woman set down the papers she was reading, shocked that their tireless work had paid off. She looked over to the rest of the test tubes, filled with unresponsive cells, the dead ones. She placed her thumb just below her lip, it helped her think.

"Do you understand the consequences of this, Keith?" The woman closed her eyes. "We are unleashing a monster on the world, again. No one needs another Leo Demachio. We already have to many."

Keith stared at the woman in utter disbelif, wondering why she would say something so wrong about her own work.

"Remember, you put that extra strand of DNA in, the one from the real Leo's sister." Keith Nodded, just wanting some sort of praise from his boss. He wanted to know if he did good.

"We don't know how it will react, if it will make him kinder. Just hurry!" The woman exclaimed ushering her assistant towards the doors. "You must get it into the host! We don't need it to die."

The woman just watched as Keith ran hurredly towards the woman who would host their 17th clone.

She grabbed the phone from her pocket and pushed a button.

"Yea, It's Skye. Another boy. Right, 5 girls and 12 boys now." Skye glanced over to the DNA replicator towering in the middle of the room."Leo, you want to copy your sister now? I understand she is going to die soon,'s unlikey it will work."

Skye breathed deeply as she typed a command into the Replicator.

"Yes sir. You will not be dissapointed."

The End

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