Jess! I'm home.


Jess? Are you home?

I'm in here... Over here. How'd the interview go?

Um... well, I GOT THE JOB!!!!

[Jess jumps up!]

Oh my god! Yes! We get to get out of this dump.

[Jess is hiding something really important]

[5 months into dating.]

Jess, let's go to dinner.

Okay! Let me get dressed:)

[Leave house]

Hey? E where are we going? 

Jess, be patient.

[arrive at a big house]

Um... E.J. where are we?

Welcome home.


Yep, we're home.

[Jess finally decides to tell E.J something she has been hiding.]

E.J. let's go in. You'll probably need a chair. 

[arrive in the house]

E I'm pregnant. 

The End

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