[1:00 a.m.]

Ha ha! Oh my god Edward James. I never knew you were that romantic?! 

Well, you know. It's comes naturally. 

Well, I would love if you were uh.. hmm... How do I put this into words?

What are you going to say Jess?

I want YOU to be MY romantic. And live with me:)

[Jess bites her lip.]

Oh Jess, you know, I'm really busy with work an-


Oh all right! Yes!

[Gives Jess a kiss on the cheek]

I was wondering when you were going to ask me.

[Jess thinks to herself: Edd? Ed? Eddie? Edward? Oh what the heck! He's mine! Finally!]

Does this mean I have to sleep on the couch still? Jess?

Oh.. what? No!

Okay, well good night Jess.


Edward! I made some breakfast. 

Jess, I got to go. I found a job... It might move us into a sky condo. I need to do this, so sorry for missing this. This is really important.

Oh, uh.. that's okay.

[Jess forces a smile] 

I'll be back by 12 or 12:30.

Have fun. Bye. I love you. 

Love you too! Bye.

The End

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