E.J. is trying his hardest to get a new job so he doesn't have to live with his roommate, Jessie. So read about E.J's exciting adventure, and see if he actually gets a new job.

"Man, E.J your rent has to go up.. you can't keep staying here."

"Please, I can't. I am looking!"

"Well not hard enough. You know my mom is coming soon. She'll think I'm your girlfriend."

"Well, we can make th-"

"No. Sorry. "Said Jess cutting off my sentence.

I was only joking. 


E.J. I was looking in the newspaper and there was a photography session for three months and you would get paid $150 mo/

You're really going to do this to me Jess?"

 "I have to..."

I heard Devin was looking for someone to talk to Jess.

Don't bring up that cursed name ever again. You hear?

I'm sorry Jess, but you need to open up and stop so paranoid.

Me? Ph... Paranoid? No way! I can open up. I'll go out tonight.

Ha, I'd like to see that happen.

Oh shut up E.J. just cause all the girls are over you, don't mean the boys be all over me. 

You're gorgeous! What are you talking about? I'm taking you out to have fun. You'll see.

8:00 p.m. 

Jess? Are you ready? You better dress good!

comes out. 

Um... Whoa, Jess you really cleaned up. Hu, hu, how?

Are you kidding me? You thought I would set the bar really low? For you? Never.

I almost dropped my jaw... Jess, you're gorgeous.

Oh Edward James, shut up! You know I don't like sarcasm.

I'm not lying Jessica, I mean it. I mean it.

Oh Edward... I'm not that mushy.

Sorry I just can't get over it, you're like a pretty, pink lollipop. All the boys are going to be on you.

Shut up! Let's go... I'm ready to drink it up.

We arrive around 8:45. Loud music ringing in our ears, we walk over to the waiting area.

Oh my god! E.J. you really know how to live it up!

You're lying. This is the cheapest place I could find... I was wondering if this could be apart of the rent.

I'm not lying. I love it! And in your dreams Edward James Cartenson, you pay for your mess.

There's my Jess.

[I look at Jess. Her hair, golden brown, down to her mid- back. Eyes glimmering like jewels. Her smile, so beautiful, words can't explain.]

Ha ha, I've been here the whole time E.J

Jessica is that you?" A voice comes up behind Jess.

Oh my god! Lupe Garzia! Is that you?

Yep! You got it. In the flesh. Do you want to dance? I haven't seen you in forever!

E.J. Do you care if I uh... Dance?

What? No way! Go enjoy yourself kid. I'll get us some drinks.

[Jess and Lupe's conversation]

Well, Jess I must say you are beautiful. Still.

Ha ha! Thank you. My friend is actually the one who told me to do this. 

Well I'm going to thank your friend.

Lupe I want you to know what happened in high school was really bad. 

I know Jess I just thought maybe we could, you know start over?

No, no. I have to go Lupe. I can't do this. I was supposed to have fun tonight.

Jess! Come back!

The End

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