Onyx is the daughter of a "Shadow," a ruler of the night. At birth, she was taken away and adopted into a normal human family. Until the day when her own Shadow begins to speak to her, she doesn't know that there is any difference between herself and those around her. However, that is all about to change.

Onyx was a girl. She looked like a girl. She ate like a girl. She played like a girl. And she had an imaginary friend.

            The reason that the previous sentence did not follow suit is because “like a girl” was not applicable to it. It is true that many girls her age may have had imaginary friends, but hers was not like theirs. Or, rather, theirs were nothing like hers.

            Like many other young girls her age, she would take her imaginary friend with her wherever she went. Though, unlike many other young girls her age, she didn’t have much of a choice about it. This particular imaginary friend was very stubborn and strong-willed, and for some reason it seemed to follow her around everywhere she decided to go. Most of the time, however, she paid it no mind. It got into the habit of just standing behind her, watching whatever it was she was doing, from brushing her teeth to solving equations.

            By the time she entered high school, she hardly noticed it was there. Until one day, it spoke to her.

            “That’s wrong,” it said. But Onyx didn’t jump, or scream, or do any kind of thing that a normal girl would do. The reason for this may have been that she was tired, and thought that the voice was simply part of a daydream. She straightened up, shook her head, and continued to stare down at the endless page of trigonometry homework.

            “I said that’s wrong,” the voice said again. “Won’t you have the decency to at least listen to me every now and again?”

            At this, Onyx turned around, realizing that the voice had come from behind her. To her surprise, she found him, the shadow of her youth—literally. On the wall directly behind her, a large shadow gazed at her with a half-focused expression. She noticed that he was shaped similar to a cut-out ghost. Then she saw his expression change to one of shock.

            “Can you hear me?” he stared in disbelief.

            “Well, either I’m hearing you, or I’m asleep,” she replied.

            “Hmm…” he continued to stare. “This is odd. You’ve never heard me before. Either that or you’ve just always ignored me.”

            “Trust me, if I had heard you before, I would have let you know.”

            “Hmm…” he said again.

            “So… what are you, exactly?”

            “Me?” he cocked his head—or the upper portion of the ghost-shaped blob—to one side. “Simply put, I’m your shadow.”

            Now she raised an eyebrow. It was odd enough that a shadow would talk to her. But what did he mean by her shadow? It’s obvious that everyone has “a shadow”, but when you think about it, your shadow never really sticks with you. The shadow changes as you move into different light. So shadows are really multiple things that people and objects create throughout life. It’s preposterous to think that a shadow would be a permanent possession of a person, unless it was some sort of magic shadow.

            Right now, you might be thinking to yourself, “What on earth was all that nonsense about? I mean, it’s probably just a dream, anyway! She’s talking to a shadow for Pete’s sake!” But you must consider this: she is talking to a shadow. If she is in a dream, it is one thing. But imagine if this happened to you in real life. If you were in her place, you would probably either be screaming your head off, or you would be frozen stiff from shock and fear. In this situation, her logic and reason are undeniable.

            “Are you magic?” she asked flatly.

            “Am I… magic?” he returned her question. Then he began to laugh hysterically, and she could see from his shape that he seemed to be bending over from the stress. “No… no, I’m afraid I’m not. But you might be.”

The End

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