Happily Ever After

"Oof!" The human boy and the princess collided with enough force to knock them both to the ground.

The human stumbled quickly back up, in haste to get unnoticed. But a stunning face stopped him dead in his tracks. Never had he laid eyes on a more attractive face. It may have helped that he had never seen a female human before, but this one made his heart skip a beat and he gasped for breath.

She scowled at him, but her furrowed brow relaxed when his stunned face colored pink and his wide eyes looked straight into her heart. She gasped when she noticed his muscular arms, chiseled abs, and beautiful face.

"Oh my!" she breathed out.

"E-excuse me!" he stammered.

"Will you help me up?" she ventured. She held out a dainty hand.

The human took it and pulled her to her feet, merely inches from his body. They stared at each other's faces. The melee around them disappeared. A warmth grew outward from their clasped hands and filled them both.

"Hey! Princess! Let's get out of here!" the rabbit demanded. She broke eye contact and ran after the rabbit, pulling the boy with her. They ran until they were safely back in the copse of trees far behind camp.

They laid panting on the ground for a few minutes, all three of them. Then the rabbit said, "Who's your friend?" The Princess realized she didn't know his name, so she asked.

"I don'thave a name," he said sadly. "The Ogres just called me 'ugly' or 'boy' or 'human'."

The Princess remembered then that she was going to plead for the Ogres before she met the boy, but realized that she was glad she didn't. "That's just mean! I think you look like a Shawn. I'll call you Shawn."

"Shawn. Hmm, I think i like that," Shawn smiled.

The journey back to the Princess's kingdom was spent building a cover story for Shawn, teaching him etiquette, and preparing him for a life of riches.

What? you think the story needed more stock fantasy characters? A dragon of fairy perhaps? Well, sorry. It's just got a sickeningly sweet ending, okay!

The sun set as the Magistrate said the magic words, "You may kiss the bride!" The two leaned in and locked lips, sealing their fates and beginning a wonderfully glorious life ignoring the simmering feuds of the outlying lands. Yeah, that's right, they live happily ever after!

The End

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