Of Course It Happens This Way

Just as the Princess sent the rabbit in under the back of the dining tent, huge roars erupted from the opposite side of the camp. The Princess was already hiding, from the camp, but when the sounds of fighting came to her ears, she was too curious not to walk around the side of the tent and see what was going on.

"Hey!" hissed the rabbit, "What are you doing?! Get the food and get out of here!" The rabbit was smart, this was indeed the best option, but the Princess had never seen real fighting, nor a real Ogre. And so she stood frozen, out in the open, watching the melee.

Soldiers, caught off-guard, some not properly girded, hurled whatever they could grab at the hulking beasts, which towered over them and roared. It would be too easy for them to smash skulls between their hands, but they didn't. They simply stood in a tight groups and took it. It was like they were failing at communicating, roaring at the men, swatting hurled items aside. It seemed that these Ogres were an envoy.

The Princess frowned. An envoy should be heard, not beaten. She stomped toward the Captain's tent.


The human snuck around the camp to where the distracted and battling soldiers left the lone prisoner unguarded. He and his Ogre mother snapped the wooden bars of the cage and woke the sleeping giant.

"Oy! Why are you sleeping?!"

"Mom?! What are you doing?!"

"Freeing you, now let's go!"

"What?! No! I want to stay!"

"In prison? You are captured, they will dispose of you when they are done!"

"I get two meals a day! They Bring. It. To. Me!"

"You're coming home, you lout!"

"And Mead."

"Mead?" His Ogre Mom blinked. The human realized his plans were about to make a 180, and he decided it was time to back out. He silently backed away from the family he had always known and wove between the tents to try to find a safe place to stow away.

He backed right into the path of a very determined young lady.

The End

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