Trapped and Alone

The cart ride was bumpy and the human kept falling over onto the Ogre when the cart skipped over a particularly large bump. It didn't help that his hands are tied behind him.

The human tried desperately to peer outside at the passing terrain. He'd never been outside the swamp. The cart was made of branches tied into a cage. A tarp had been thrown over it for protection from the elements. It also hid the occupants from curious eyes of passersby, or maybe hid the soldiers from the occupants. The human was actually enjoying himself, in fact, and the ogre was still out cold, so it was a quiet ride so far.

Then the Ogre began to awaken.

"Ooo, what happened?" he groaned, holding his head.

"We have been taken hostage!" the human cheerfully replied.

"To where? What is this place? Why does it move?"

"It is a cart, Thrum. We are traveling to the human village." Thrum took some time to process this information.

"You did this!" Thrum declared a few minutes later.

"Me?! I am in the cart with you! My hands are tied the same as yours! See?"

"You are a human! You came to the Ogre swamp and brought a bad omen! You're ugly and nothing but trouble!"

"Thrum, I never.."

"Hey! You two be quiet in there!" a soldier yelled. The Ogre then wondered why he was talking to someone of an ugly, inferior, race when members of the same ugly race had captured him and thought they could bark orders at him. So he shut up and turned his back on the human.


"How dare you leave the dinner party!" The Queen's face was as crimson as the roses on the Princess's bedside table.

"I was merely.."

"Don't you interrupt me, young lady! There are formal rules that have been broken! The guests were appalled! Your Father and I were embarrassed! How could you show us so little respect! I'm not even sure Prince Rantoule will want to marry you after that.. that.. act of.. disrespect!"

When her Mother stuttered and couldn't find the right words, Princess knew she was really angry. And right now, that's how she wanted her to feel.

"Good!" The Princess smugly retorted and skipped around her room to her dressing table and mirror, where she seated herself and began brushing her hair.

"What?! How dare you openly disobey your Father's wishes! You are hereby banished to your quarters until your wedding day! Guards! The Princess does not leave her room!"

"Mother!" She'd done it now, effectively sealing her fate.

The Queen stormed off, while two guards flanked the door. The Princess never imagined her parents would react this way! She seated herself on her bed and cried. When crying no longer soothed her, she began planning. It took her all night, but she hatched a plan that will get her safely out of the castle. Forever.

The End

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