a princess lived in a tower.

She didn't quite live in a tower, it was more a skyscraper, which had been built to look like a tower. (she had her father build for her as soon as she realized how rich she was.)

Her tower come sky scraper, where she lived out her very own macabre fantasy.

She would make life size prints of herself and put them all around town in the dead of night with her eyes gorged out, or a beard doodled on, and even horrible words carved into the card.
The following day when finding out her guards had found twenty Replica Princess' she would scream blue murder and torture the prisoners until they gave names of who had done it.

She was twisted.

No one knew, no one even suspected her blonde her and her blue eyes to be involved in any foul matter.

The princess was the evil step-mother, and didnt deserve to be queen. No one suspected her though of childish dark pranks that she played on the town. Everyone cheered when she hung another man, woman or child for defacing her image.
Everyone loved her.

The End

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