A young Josephine is introduced into a dark and sinister world that will alter her life and her destiny forever.

“Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, goodbye” She hated that song, especially those lines, but still she sung. She murmured more than anything as she did her work.

“Na Na Na Na…” the words, or sounds as it were, were empty, meaningless even, but not for Jo. To her, they were like mother’s milk, life affirming, and her very reason to take the next breath. It had been that way for a long time. That song was her motivation, her muse, her signature.

“Na Na Na Na…” her Daddy had liked that song. He played it every time his favorite team won a game. It was either baseball or basketball, she couldn’t remember anymore. Maybe it was football. Yeah, football. That is what made it strange in the end, hearing that misplaced gurgling and bumbling over the sound of raucous football fans on the big screen TV in Daddy’s game room. That sound didn’t fit. That sound made her come, even though she rarely dared during football season. Daddy could be passionate.

“Hey Hey Hey…” His eyes were open, wide open staring up at his own entrails in bloody fist of some stranger. The origin of the gurgling sound became evident when she saw the deep red blood bubbling over Daddy’s lips. They were chapped. He’d been screaming. Why hadn’t she heard? She was just next door doing homework with a girl from 3rd period. Why had none of them heard? That is when she realized, she’d dropped her books, right where she was standing. Then he saw her. His eyes were an icy cold blue she had never before seen and would never forget again. The man holding her Daddy’s life in his hands, the man who’d taken her 6’4 daddy and turned him into a bloody puddle on the TV room floor was staring right into the depths of her being. He’d seen her and she’d seen him, and they’d seen each other and either would ever forget. Daddy’s face fell to the side and panic filled his expression for what had to be the last time as the blood spilled down his face.

“Run Josephine, run.” He gurgled his last words, and run she did, as hard and fast as she could. She ran from the last place she would ever feel safe, the last place she could remember as home. She ran and she never stopped running until she found him again.


 A slight smile curved her lips as she stapled a portion of the blue eyed stranger’s small intestine to the wall above his head as he screamed. He’d live long enough to feel it all. She’d made sure of that. Just like with her daddy, no one would hear his cries for help, no one. She whispered along with record playing in the background, “Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, goodbye.”

The End

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