When she woke up, she found herself wondering where she was. She was in a comfortable bed, surrounded by beautiful candles that smelt of lavender, and in some sort of hotel. Also, the wardobe opposite the bed was full. She gracefully got out of bed and saw that the wardobe was full of her clothes.

Her clothes? This is making no sence, but most of this story hasn't anyway. Continue.

She thought to herself, 'why are my clothes here? Is this a dream?' Soon enough, there was a knock at the door and a strange man walked in.

"Are you ok? I saw you lying on the floor in the middle of nowhere and thought you needed a place to stay."

The princess replied, "I wasn't lying on the floor. I was in a tent."

"No you wern't"

The princess felt a bit dizzy. She followed the man down the stares into a bar. There were lots and lots of cowboys everywhere, drinking. She saw one man throw up.

Eww! Why sick! I don't even know who the princess is anymore..

The End

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