The Dragon

She quietly tip-toes down the castle stairs (which were very long) and got ready to fight the dragon.

Stop, stop. A princess can't fight a dragon thats a man's job, so I think. Shouldn't she sneek out? It seems more realistic. So it's now going to be, "She quietly tip-toes, yada yada yada and got ready to sneek out." See, I can change a story.

She somehow had to get the dragon to be distracted by something. In the distance, she could see a butterfly. She knew that would do the trick. The dragon put a massive grin on his face and went to try and catch the butterfly.

..Stupid dragon..

She could only just see the dragon in the distance, so then she made her escape. But where would she go? She was no-where!

Thats my line! Where will the princess go? How will she survive? Wait. I know whats coming next.

She was a very resourceful princess and had remembered some food in her backpack, which lasted her up to 3 months.


As the princess wandered, she thought about what she was doing. "How am I going to survive? Off the food in my backpack? I'm going to die out here! I wonder if I can find a town or village somewhere." As she wandered, she spotted a few signs. Most said Next water stop. 1 week strait ahead. She could last that long. So she thought. The princess desided to stop and get some sleep. She'd packed a tent and a sleeping bag, and slept the whole night.

Ok. I'm going to have to stop you there. Again, there are a few problems with this. Number one. A princess who is resourceful should not be saying that she is going to die. Number two. Why would there be a few signs with the same thing writen on? And last but not least, a tent? Why not one of those pop up caste things? I've always wanted one of them. Don't ask why. I'm just going to keep reading.


The End

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