Once upon a time

The basic princess locked in a tower story, but with a twist.

Once upon a time, in a far away land, lived a sad and lonley princess locked in a tower. She missed all of what she didn't have. The soup, the rain, the sounds of the birds. Every night she drempt of her prince. She knew that one day, he would come and take her away from the castle. He would have to face the dragons fire.

Ok. So everyone knows the whole story of the prince defeting the dragon and saving the damsel in distress right? Well there was only one problem with this princess. No-one knew she was their! Even the king and queen didn't know! They thought she was on a holiday or somthing. Actually, come to think of it, the witch had also forgotten. You see, the princess was kidnapped a year ago by an evil witch. The witch said she would be right back, and never came. So the princess was all alone, with no way of getting home. She'd tried calling for help, but she was in the middle of nowhere. Thats why their were no birds.

When she got to her sences, she thought, "I'm going to have to get out of here somehow, or i'll be here forever! And I don't want that at all!"

Hold on a minute! The princess  is suposed to be helpless? Why does she want to escape? We need a re-write! Who wrote this story anyway! Well, I guess we'd better read on..

Suddenly, the princess got ready to escape. She put on her trainers, got pa...

TRAINERS? What kind of fairy tale is this? Ughh..

She put on her trainers, got packed and was ready to set off when she realised, "I'm locked in. Good thing i'm a black belt in karate." She managed to kick the door down in one kick. She then ran downstairs and got ready to sneak out.

The End

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