Does It Get Better? NO!!!

They say every rain cloud has a silver lining. Well, someone forgot to tell my storm cloud to go buy said silver lining. All mine has is lightning. my day went from drizzling at home with my dorkish family to pouring, literally, with missing the bus, then went to snow storm with various school related incidents. And it is about to get much worse. It is about to go straight to electrical storm.

It is now time for the wonderful world of health class. POINTLESS!!! I can tell you that about half of of the class knows all of this personally. "They are only thirteen," the teachers say. No, most of them aren't. Some are fourteen. Some are fifteen. A few are sixteen. They are too stupid to realize, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! Then you might actually finish high school before you are twenty. Idiots.

I am sure that everyone knows more than the teacher. Mr. Sherril is, like 83. *gasp*. NOT AN EXAGGERATION!!!! He has a memory that lasts about three minutes. he once spent half of class talking about his daughter, and her husband. He wanted us to tell him if they were being safe.

NOT FUN!!! today was going to be worse. Well, my day was already on a steep decline, so why should it turn around now. on the white board, it says in big letters, "SIT ON RIGHT SIDE OF ROOM!!" Well, thats not good. That sign means we are watching videos. NOT SPONGEBOB, either. Creepy videos that should never be seen by human eyes. He set up two T.V.s and one had "girl" videos and the other had "boy" videos.

Not that it mattered. No one really paid attention. Well, the boys paid attention. To the girls video. SICKOS!!!!! Yup, my life, is making fun of me. Just rubbing in the fact that I am alone. No boyfriend. No girl friends. No best friend. Nothing. Just me. In a lightning/snow/ice storm.

The End

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