I cant believe that I got into this situation. It all started like any normal day. (If there ever is a normal day in my family.)

My mom was rushing about, getting ready for work. Try as she might, it is impossible to make those jumpsuits look cute. Not like it would matter. She would just get dirty soon. Note to mom: Sanitation Engineer is the same thing as a garbageman/woman. My dad was running around too, in his suit. Well, except for the shirt. You see, he doesn't like stains. So he puts his shirt on literally as he walks out the door. Gross right?

My brother was siting at the dining room table. Completely oblivious to the impending mayhem, he is doing his homework. You can't do three pages of algebra in ten minutes. It is not possible. Dork. I was eating Coco puffs, trying not to make eye contact with anyone. Today was going to be terrible, as usual.

The End

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