Tarcza - I love you girl!

"Uh, Sapphire you might need to get some better insulting come-backs." Tarcza said with an overdramatic eye roll, turning to me with a smile. "Don't listen to her Stormy; I think your eyes are so cool!" She said, blocking Sapphire out of the conversation by completely turning away from her to face me, I mirrored her action and sank deeper into the chair, twirling a strand of my hair with two fingers. "Thanks," I said, feeling as if I was red as Paris Hilton's Lipstick.

The sound of high-heeled shoes entering the room at a brisk pace caught my attention, turning to look at whoever was coming down the stairs that lead to the female werewolf bedrooms. The girl who walked in was pretty from what I could see, not the fall on the floor worship gorgeous, but that fair pretty that makes you do anything they ask of you. But when she turned and looked at me, she could have been a super-model for that smile. She was amazing, her long chocolate hair fell around her delicate form and she she moved, she might as well have been dancing. "Oh, A Newbie." She said with a smile, a smile that I couldn't tell was meant to be friendly or a ‘oh god not you' smile. "Hey!" I said simply, to bewildered to know what to say. Luckily Tarcza came to my rescue with her charms "Hey Maddy, Meet Stormy, Stormy, Maddy" Maddy nodded and flopped onto the sofa with a can of coke next to me, nonchalantly taking a sip and looking at me questioningly."Unique name, huh?" she asked, voice smooth as honey that was spiked with venom. "Yeah . . . I didn't choose It." I laughed, but I laughed alone. Awkward . . . Maddy blinked as if she were dismissing me, her eye coated heavily in glitzy gold eye shadow and dark mascara. Okay, This girl isn't as bad as Sapphire, but I have a feeling I need to keep an eye on her. Tarcza got up and brushed her jeans absent mindedly, "Well, As much As I'd like to stay and chatter with you gals, I wanna show Stormy around the place, okay?" she said, grabbing my arm and pulling me up to stand next to her with a ‘just do it' look at me. "It will be nice to get her out of my sight as soon as possible. Thanks." Sapphire commented from the corner where she was pulling out a drink from the fridge. Maddy laughed along with her, I have a feeling she doesn't actually like Sapphire, that she may just put up with her for the hell of it. But then again, I don't always think the right thing first off, do I?

"Bye then . . ." I mumbled, walking out the doors with Tarcza at my side. As soon as they were shut behind us Tarcza burst into a fit out laughter, so manic I was afraid she would keel over. "Somebody's made an enemy!

The End

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