Moving In

 Ishut the door and turned around to oh such a lovely sight. Sapphire was staring directly at me, jaw clenched tight as if she was attempting not to scream. "Oh. My. God." She said through tightly clenched teeth "You already said that, hun" I smiled sarcastically back and put my suitcase down near the door. Sapphire got up and paced towards me, I inhaled deeply, expecting the worst. "Yeah, your problem is . . ?" I said, rolling my eyes and putting my hands into my jean pockets. "My problem is, that you are a looser, and girls that look like you, are not meant to be the same species as girls that look like ME" she said, motioning to me as if I was some complete mutant that lived in the sewer and had just crawled out looking like a monster. I bit back a sharp retort as I walked over to slouch on the sofa. "Cheers," I mumbled, tapping my fingers against the wooden table next to where I sat. Sappy little Sapphy turned once again to face me and gasped when she saw my eyes "What the hell? Why does this world hate me?" she said, once again looking like she wanted to run and pounce on me in a flurry of claws. "First you're a werewolf, Now you have eyes that are actually okay looking, God I think I am going to faint!" she said dramatically, sarcasm dripping off her sentences. The more I talk to this girl the more I love to hate her.

"Will you just shut up for once?" A frustrated voice echoed from the corner of the room and I turned to see a petit girl with her back to me and Sapphire, staring out the window at the now even heavier falling rain. "I agree" I said with a smirk, casting a shadowy glance at Sapphire who returned it with pleasure. "Hi, I'm Stormy" I said, leaning my arm over the back of the sofa to look at her, she turned, her dark chocolate hued hair bouncing slightly as she looked at me with large, almond shaped green eyes. "Hey, I'm Tarcza , I see you have met Sapphire . . ." she said, casting a look at Sapphire who had pursed her rose lips together so tight that it looked like she had just sucked a lemon. "Sorry about that, Really." Tarcza continued pulling her chair closer to the sofa "She doesn't give the best welcome" I murmured, I think I'm gonna like Tarcza. Tarcza laughed and I echoed her laugher with a smile. "So, You're a werewolf?" I asked. Tarcza nodded with a smile "Yeah, I look pretty similar in my wolf form, what about you?" I frowned, feeling embarrassed that I had no Idea of what I looked like "Well, Uh, I only just found out what I am so . . " But I was cut off in true Sapphire style "She'll look like a hag, I'm still surprised that she didn't turn out a troll, seemed fitting for her."

The End

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