So THATS what happened . . .

"Oh, Yeah. You went into the Testing Chamber, that's where you find your ‘species' and, well . . . it is a intense situation in there, and something happened, and you hurt your pretty head." He gestured to my head with a smirk "And I got you, brought you here and voila! You woke up, right on que." He put away the ice pack and looked deep into my now purple eyes, "So, Want to know your new species?" he asked, helping me to my feet with his everlasting arrogant but charming grin. "Sure, why not" I drawled, what could make this day any worse. "Werewolf" he said simply, packing away the supplies and gesturing to the door "Out the door, down the stairs and the first door on the right Is the female Werewolf common room." I nodded, taking it all in at once, or at least attempting to. I was actually rather pleased with my ‘species' - yes you heard me, something positive, finally."Wait, and then where am I now?" I asked quietly. "Oh, this? This is my room, in-between the angels and the demons male common rooms. I'm kinda different, they didn't know where to put me." He said with a distant look in his eyes, surprisingly dark, before returning to his cocky facade. "Oh . . ." I replied, pretty sure I looks like a goldfish, and I was also pretty sure he thought I had the I.Q of one too. Then my heart dropped and I moan with annoyance out loud, the cow queen was a werewolf, and I bet as soon as I walked through the doors to the common room she would make my life a living hell - fantastic. Won't she be pleased to hear of my new werewolf persona?

"What's wrong?" Quinn asked, arching an eyebrow as he tucked his hands into the pockets of his black leather jacket. "Oh, Nothing except there is this werewolf that has already developed an undying grudge for my face" I said, walking further towards the door, eager to explore my new school and it's snack bar - I hadn't eaten in half a day! I turned around to see if Quinn was coming, when I realised he was standing leaning against the wall looking straight at me with a sardonic laugh surrounding the air around me. "What's so funny?" I asked, raising my eyebrows and looking at him straight. "So you're the newbie that Sapphire was talking about?" he said in a very amused tone. "You know her? Ugh, I think I hate her as much as she hates me" I said without thinking. But then Quinn's laugh stopped, he stood up and walked towards the door "She's my best friend." CRAP! I thought, looking down utterly mortified at insulting his best friend - which by the way does not make sense! - right to his face.

"Well, Thanks Quinn, for all your help." I smiled, hoping I at least looked somewhat organised and good-looking, but I was doubtful. "No problem."He said, holding the door open for me like a true gentlemen though his face had that dark and distant look in it again that made me want to run away before the storm started, I began to daydream again, he could sure pull off ripped jeans and a leather jacket . . . Snap out of it dumbo! I smiled with an attempt at casual flirtatiousness and walked through, flicking my hair over my shoulder. Quinn carried on "Remember, Kiddo, Pack loyalty means a lot to Sapphire "I gulped and nodded faintly. Quinn closed the door behind me and I was alone again in the corridor. With a sigh I headed down the stairs and found the common room. A beautiful oak carving of two wolves howling with each other was on the top, and next to it in scripted writing was carved "Howl alone and it's a single melody, Howl together and the harmony unites all." I felt my hand stall on turning the golden doorknob, the quote stirred something inside me, but I wasn't sure what. With a deep breath I opened the door and mentally prepared myself for the greeting I would get inside. "OH. MY. GOD."

The End

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