My Not-So-Warm Welcome

The ice queen -like the nickname I made up? Ace or what? - stared at me with the most venomous dagger eyes I have ever seen, looking like she wanted to brutally murder me. "When you know who I am, you will so regret that." She snapped, blazing with fury. "Doubt it" I snorted under my breath, as the angel-like figure walked away.  "Who are you then? The queen of tarts?" I sneered, feeling for once a little shadowed in my sarcasm.  The icy blonde turned and fixed me another death glare. "No, actually. I am Sapphire. I am a werewolf, one of the best - in combat, and looks." she tossed her hair, her lush pink lips forming into a pouty smile, her dazzling golden eyes intense and framed by the dark make-up she was wearing. Looks like somebody is used to getting that they want - No naming names.

 "What are you? You can't be anything but a troll - you don't look good enough to be new student here." Sapphire commented scathingly, admiring her manicured golden fingernails. I glowered, one more comment like that and I swear I would pounce on her. But she has a point - I didn't look like her, not all pearly and perfect - but maybe that would change. And I still have NO clue what the hell I am or why the hell I had to go to THIS school.  "Well, thanks for the compliment - but I was hoping could find out what I was here." Sapphire laughed softly, god, I hate her for being so darn perfect! "You don't even know what creature you are! Well, you certainly look like a troll - but they don't go to this school, you are a Shaman, Angel or demon, Dryad or like me - a werewolf, God forbid. Let's get you to the testing chamber then." She said, without even looking to see if I was following she turned and flitted down the corridor, bright white hair bouncing behind her as she walked away. With an exasperated sigh I followed, my still wet hair dripping water down my leather jacket. Walking along the great wooden corridors was easier than shuffling through the puddles - I am in four inch heels from hell, give me a break!  Then as I slowly toddled my way along what seemed to be an endless hall I caught sight of her again, standing in front of massive wooden doors, once again carved with images of all the creatures that reside here. "Enjoy!" Sapphire said sarcastically, pulling open the door with what seemed like no effort though the doors must weigh a ton and a half.

I walked through the doors, dropping the handle to my sopping wet suitcase and taking off my jacket which I flung behind me - not bothered where it landed. Black, nothing was in front of me, zip! "Well great" I mumbled, playing absentmindedly with a strand of my hair before almost being blinded by a ray of bright, white light shone directly in my eyes. "Um, OW!" I said, with more attitude than I knew I was capable of. The light moved, shining onto a shimmering silver chair, studded with diamonds and multi-coloured jewels that glimmered like the stars themselves. I walked over on Impulse and sat down, running my fingers over the solid gems in awe . . . then it happened.

The End

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