Once in a Blue Moon

This story is about Samantha Storm (Stormy), an extremely snobby rich girl that has had everything handed to her on a silver platter. Until, that is she finds out that she is an immortal and has to go to 'The insitute for the paranomal' after her millionaire father kicks her out.
She is determined to start a new life and not let anybody in on her past. She doesnt want to be known as the millionaires daughter. How will this turn out?

Rain – Great, just great. The first day of my new life in the immortal world and it was raining. Way to welcome me Mother Nature! The limo slowed and the driver opened the door for me, I pulled down my dark tinted sunglasses over my eyes and sighed “Here we go again Stormy . . .” I whispered under my breath, ducking my head out of the door and into the rain, wait . Why wasn’t I getting wet? Oh, yeah. The Damn butler was holding an umbrella over my head, most likely so I didn’t ‘melt’ like the witch most likely thought I was. “Look, no offense or anything, but I don’t’ wanna be known as ‘the snobby rich girl’ here, so, mind dropping the umbrella and driving away the limo? Thanks” I said with a slight sarcastic drawl on my tone, grasping the handle of my suitcase from the man’s outstretched hands as he nodded curtly, eyes cold, and hopped back into the limo.

There I was, alone, in the rain. Staring like some lunatic at the massive cast iron gates that were carved so intricately you just had to stare.  Shuffling forward through the puddles in my stilettos to reach the gate was enough of a task in itself, let alone pulling the packed-to-bursting suitcase I was hauling behind me. The gates swung open as I approached them with a heavy thud as they stopped against the ancient stone walls that rose high into the dark grey sky. “Freaky  . . . “ I murmured, walking through until I felt all claustrophobic from those massive walls, the gates shut themselves. “Super Freaky.” I said. Flicking my rather wet auburn hair over my shoulder and walking with an attempt at confidence over to the doors into the building.

It was magical – no pun intended. This place was beautiful. Chandeliers hung from the ceiling in waves of delicate gold and refracted light everywhere. It was lighter than I expected – I kinda thought this place would be all dusty and we would all have to sleep in coffins like leeches, well it must be my lucky day! Then she raised her head. Wow – Uber wow.  I would have been freaked out by the shadowy figure if I wasn’t staring like an idiot. She looked like an angel; her long, pale blonde hair fell like rays of sunlight down past her shoulder blades in silky layers. Her skin was as white as ivory and her eyes, those eyes. Intense brought gold rimmed with black, flecked with bronze. They made me wanna curl up into a ball and sob with jealousy, she was so beautiful – this is so unfair! I kinda hoped she was a total cow – then there may be something negative about her.

She laughed a malicious and coldly beautiful laugh that sounded like music. “Something wrong? Cat got your tongue?”  She said, eyes narrowed to golden slits as she looked at me with mocking disapproval. “Staring is rude you know, I may be something to look at – which I am. But you could at least shut your mouth while you gawk.”  YES! Total cow! Wait, was that an insult? Oh no she didn’t! Soberly I clamped my jaw shut. “I would say nice to meet you – but that would be a lie.” I retorted sharply, maybe this school wouldn’t be as boring as I thought. . .

The End

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