Once apon a lovers path

I walked through many doors to find

A man who I was destined to find

he held my hand and said to me

 you will be fine with me

I walked with him with love so blind

through every tower in every time

Time would not escape

 my heart would not stop to race

I grew in love he ran away

he would notexcept my love in grace

I cried for help noone to find

Oh God how love is blind

I wish to find my true self

maybe that would help

He came back one one day to say

I always loved you in every way

Every door I openned every step I take

I feel his love with no mistake

If only I could be

Then everything would just live free

I would always feel love and live to be

Thats how lovers path began to be

Forever in my lovers armes

 For  eternety










The End

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