on Complicating Matters

“‘Tis a shame it all ended before it began, the rubbish swept up by the rubbish man.”

“The rubbish man, who’s he? A fan?

“No! The rubbish man collects the rubbish from the rubbish cans.”

“Rubbish cans!? I thought they were bins! Magnificent, wheeled rubbish bins!”

“Well your wheeled bins of rubbish are now simply cans, cans of rubbish for the rubbish man. You lost your chance, this isn’t a scam, the rubbish was only in bins until the story began.”

“But it hasn’t yet to begin, this story’s still thin! Filled with nothing but rubbish, just like the bin!”

“It’s a can, my man! A rubbish can, wheeled if you’d like it, but still a can! It’ll soon be picked up by the rubbish man.”

“This is nothing but rubbish, this man and this can, the rubbish within our wheeled rubbish bin. And now we can begin, now there’s stuff in our bin, a man and a can both of rubbish within.”

“But the man isn’t rubbish, and nor is the can! This places a hole in your rubbish bin plan.”

“But you said he was rubbish, this rubbish man, collecting naught but rubbish for the rubbish can.”

“True, true.”

“And the can must be rubbish, it’s a rubbish can, to be collected and deposited by the rubbish man.”

“And the rubbish collected goes into the bin?”

“Yes! Into our wheeled rubbish bin!”

“Ah, that makes sense, now we can begin!”

“We shall, now that there’s rubbish in our rubbish bin, a man and a can are both within.”

Wheeled rubbish bin.”

“Yes, a wheeled rubbish bin.”

“You said only rubbish when you said ‘Let’s begin.’”

“I said only rubbish?”

“Only rubbish you said!”

“Well I must say there’s been plenty of that in my head.”

The End

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