Naming thy...

It is common knowledge that when a woman wants to ,no when a woman says something men better pay attention . Well that is also true to whellie bins. As the story unfols the defenless caracter was just standing in the curb awaiting the rubish men.

One day for lack on anything better to do Carla decided to go into this story( the title intrigued her a bit and the fact that jack had started it was, well just an added bonus really), well as i was writing,where was i ,yes for lack of anything better to do ....I entered  this street no idea where the street is (must remenber to tell jack to put up a sign with name; maybe PROTAGONIZE ALLEY ?!!), and that is when i recognize this caracter in black.

There is something wrong here,  she just could put her finger in what was dought...huh...Of course ,no name ... No whellie bin is not a name!!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously some men...

Not really waiting for inspiration to strike she had came up with  the perfect name (if i say myself.ah ah.), and placing her rigth hand on the top of the lid she solom says(very regal ,i like):

" I will name you Pink Rabbit. "

Out of no where a voice made itself heard in all its anger :"What ? You can not name me PINK RABBIT it is undignified not to mention i am the masculine gender therefor not PINK!!! The nerve"

"Huh ?"

"For someone who thinks itself extremely clever you are not very bright, are you . Me the whellie bin . I spoke."

" Huh ?"

"Woman pay attention, here in frount of you . Yes ,. Me , the whellie bin, i dont want to be name PINK RABBIT , thank you very much," aldought the words were polite his expression was less than friendly(if he had an expression that is after all it is only a whellie bin!!), and as the words had been spoken her face stops having that bewildered look and she started to laugh.

"Where are you ?"

She really did not get it the Bin tought (well if i can speek of course i can process something as complicated as toughts-sarcasm aside that is...),and tried again.

"No it is Me ,i can speak. I do speak that is what i have been doing for the past few minutes i know you are a female but pay attention, i refuse to respond to the name you gave me and i dont care you are writing this chapter it is my dignity after all."

Well somebody creally had issues to resolve plus the fact that HE was homophobic, and with a shake to her head Carla finally put her two pennies of worth in.

"Ok, fair enough,it is your name after all . What do you want to be called?"

And that rendered the whellie bin quiet no one had tought of asking him that before .They just deposit their daily rubish in him and walked away without even a kind word(sigh), he had no clue.

So he said :" I dont know yet, put please not Pink rabbit."

"Ok" Smilling she patted his lid...

The End

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