In Defence Of Nothing

So that's it then? A Thing gets put into a Bin and I am tossed aside like an inkless pen?

Deep breaths, Nothing, calm down, count to ten. Practice some serious Zen.

I would like to politely object to my early dismissal. I am more than the empty space inside a rubbish, or wheelie, or wheeled rubbish Bin... did you know I can whistle?

It's true, I assure you. If I hadn't stepped in to share that tidbit you wouldn't have a clue! But enough about that, let us discuss something new.

Without me your view would constantly be obstructed! By trees, by mountains, by Anything being constructed.

You can see through Nothing to that Thing you wish to see - but you cannot see through Something if it stands between you and your precious oceans and seas. In fact, you could not walk if it weren't for me! Your way would always be blocked, I guarantee.

So rest assured, I shall return. Perhaps soon, more likely around a hidden turn. But undoubtedly, my place in this story I will earn.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, you stupid Bin! I shall await your reply on needles and pins.

The End

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