Trouble in the Bin

“Come in, come in,” said the Bin to the Thing –

“The Thing?”

“The Thing.” – which had just been put in.

“I strenuously object to being called a ‘thing’.”

“Not ‘a thing’ – ‘the Thing’.”

“Does that make a difference?”

“Yes, a definite difference.”

“As opposed to?”

“An indefinite article.”

“I still object to being called the ‘thing’.”

“Unfortunately, my dear Thing, I lack the educational background and grammar to define you as anything else.”

“So you are an uneducated bin.”

“Indeed, I am, a poor, uneducated Bin.”

“Say, rather, unconscious bin.”

“Unconscious Bin?”

“Correct, dear Bin.  For the Thing that separates a bin from the Bin is Consciousness.”

“Conscience?  I don’t have one of those.  I was empty until you got here.”

“Consciousness, not conscience – a self-awareness, Bin.”

“A self-aware wheeled Bin?  Have you ever heard of such a thing?”


“You have?”

“I have what?”

“Heard of a self-aware wheeled Bin.”


“Then why did you say that you had?”

“I didn’t.”

“You did, Thing.”

“Would you please stop calling me ‘Thing’?  You’re making me self-conscious.”

The End

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