Jump in, Jump in, Jump In to the Rubbish bin

Jump in to the rubbish bin.  The conversation is over.  We all know what's going on here.  It's a philosophy argument, isn't it? Is that right? Is that what this is about?

 It can't be a rubbish bin if there's rubbish already in it because then there's no room for rubbish.

Let's break into song:

Sanitary engineers

set expired macaroni in motion

setting aside fears

that they'll be covered in lotion.

This is simple enough.  It's empty.  Then if it's empty, one can put anything into it, can't they?  why reserve it then just for rubbish?  Similarily, we deignate a plate specifically for pie.    You can put anything into a pie plate, so long as it's not smaller then the pie in question, right?  You could indeed fill a "pie plate" with  a stack of donuts or a heap of confetti or two winter mittens. 

Yet, we still call it a pie plate.  Perhaps this is because this particular plate is designed as a mold specifically for pie.  You can use a pie plate to hold mittens, but you can't cover your hands with the same pie to keep warm in winter.  Not more than once  See? 

But!  A rubbish bin?  AHA, and herein lies the answer - the only thing that makes a bin peculiar to only rubbish is rubbish.  One cannot without any sense of shame or fingerpointing successfully transport a load of freshly spouted newborns in a bin that has already contained rubbish.  Because then the newborns are covered with rubbish, and no one seems to like that.

However, if a bin is only intended to carry rubbish, but has not yet accumulated any then it's not a rubbish bin by any means.  While one may scold the bin carter by saying things like, "Don't carry those newborns in there....that's for rubbish!", one can properly and indignantly respond, "There has been no rubbish in this bin.  Ergo, I shall transport the naked babies"

It's like saying not to use a cardboard box because later on down the road one may defecate in it.  I'm not about to call it a s__tbox until a local transient decides to make it one.  And until that happens, I'll gladly use it to carry my favourite sleeping mexican. 

The End

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