Nothing Within

"Upon a time, there was a wheeled rubbish bin!"

"And within this such wheeled rubbish bin was a volume of nothingness! And it was this nothingness that gave the wheeled rubbish bin its most important role in the order of events to occur."

"How is nothing important?"

"Nothing is very important! If the rubbish bin did not have a volume of nothing, then it would not be a rubbish bin!"

"This topic is already thoroughly gone over!"

"Do you not desire to hear what it would be without nothing?"

"Do tell."

"It would be a solid chunk of metal. You see? When they make this rubbish bin, they must fill the center with nothingness so that it is useful!"

"I don't think they carve it out of metal."

"That is beside the point!"

"And where, may I ask, is the point?"

"The point is in the rubbish bin."

"Ah ha! That means that there is no point, for you said yourself that there is nothing in the rubbish bin!"

"No, no, you're quite wrong. The point is valid, for it is not in the rubbish bin. It is pointing to the rubbish bin, as points are oft to do."

"Ah ha, I say, once more! Listen now, you are pointing out the rubbish bin, and you cannot point out of something without being within it!"

"But I am standing right here. I am most certainly not in the rubbish bin."

"I disagree! Tell me you are not into this rubbish bin."

"Well, I have an interest in it."

"You contradict!"

"You bothersome dolt! This rubbish bin is destined to play a role of utmost importance in the story!"

"You mean, the nothing within it will play a role."

"Yes. Nothing will play a role in the story."



" the story about nothing, or is it about the rubbish bin?"

"That, good sir, is a trivial matter."

The End

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