on Trivialities

I have absolutely no clue what came over me when this fell out of my mouth.

"Upon a time was a rubbish bin-"

"A rubbish bin?"

"A rubbish bin! Now stop interrupting so I can begin."

"But I must say you mean a wheelie bin."

"A wheelie bin?"

"Yes, wheelie bin! A bin with wheels is a wheelie bin!"

"But a wheeled bin of rubbish is a rubbish bin!"

"A wheeled bin of rubbish?"

"Yes! Of rubbish!"

"On wheels?"

"On wheels."

"Aha! Then it is a wheelie bin!"

"Fine you fool! Then you can begin!"

"Why thank you. Now, here was have our wheelie bin, a bin on wheels and nothing within."

"Nothing within?"

"Be quiet I say! No, nothing within. Hence it is not a rubbish bin."

"I must say, you've got me there. Then what is inside?"

"I've yet to decide."

"And here the suspense doth begin! What is inside this rubbish bin?"

"I told you, it's not a rubbish bin! There's nothing within! No rubbish inside this wheelie bin."

"I'm sorry, mate, I can never win. Not when there's no rubbish in the rubbish bin."

"My condolences."

"But wait! Let me ask, just on a whim, what if there was rubbish in this bin? Would you say then it's a rubbish bin? Renounce your belief in the wheelie bin?"

"Blasphemous fool! It's a wheelie bin, now and forever no matter what's within!"

"Alright, alright! In this you win, but to me it is always a rubbish bin. Past and present, no matter what's within, even in the future a rubbish bin."

"Have it your way, but can we begin?"

"Only if we talk of a rubbish bin."

"A compromise, us both can win! I deem it now a wheeled rubbish bin!"



"So now let's begin! On with the tale of our wheeled rubbish bin!"

The End

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