On Top Of the WorldMature

Where ever this goes, goes! Write what ever. Keep in mind that the man is trying to get to the top of the social pyramid.

I kicked my feet up on the bar of the pub and leaned against the wall with my chair.

"Joe, just get me some beer," I demanded.

"You are already drunked up!" Joe exclaimed.

"Damnit, Joe! No's I's ain't!" I smiled putting my hands behind my head.  I did that on purpose.

Joe looked at me-stared at me as he went for the beer I ordered.

I looked at the crowd in the pub.  Not many people-a scattered few.  One of them sat at the bar. 

"What's happenin'?" I asked the man, but he just stared at his shot glass intently.

A beer mug was slammed down on the table.  It caught my attention as I took my feet off the bar and came closer to my drink.

"Hayden, I don't want any trouble tonight."  I looked into intense eyes.  "You remember last week."

I smiled.  "The guy just needed a roughin'-"

"Hayden."  More intense.  Geez, you look like my mother! "I'm only asking this because I'm going to be gone awhile, okay? I'm leaving someone here if you want anything more."

"Whatever Joey-man," I said as I looked back at the beer mug full to the brim with beer.

He left saying, "please let me trust you!"

I scoffed.  Sure.

Hours later the room was full of men and I knelt on top a man, punching him over and over again.

Joe pulled me off. "What did I tell you!?" Police cars yelled in the background.

I wiped my bloody nose with my sleeve.

"You have a problem, Hayden!" Joe exclaimed.

The End

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