On the Train

London, mid-March, and it's raining again. Lucy, a businesswoman, misses the train home, leaving her stranded for an hour on the platform of Waterloo. The people she will meet shall change her forever...

The train pulled away as I reached the top of the concrete steps, snaking out of Waterloo Station.  It was eight pm, a Friday in March, and I was stranded.  For an hour, anyway.  

Sixty whole minutes of waiting.  Three thousand six hundred long, painful seconds left before I could finally relax, try to forget the stresses of my life for two blissful days.  I leant against the cool metal banister, panting for my breath.  The conductor shot me a look, and his mouth turned up at the corners momentarily.  I could tell that he waited for people like me; exhausted business people who'd worked their butts off all day only to miss their train.  It made him laugh.  I turned away.    

My hair was straggly and wet from the lashing rain outside.  I began to sweep it back as best I could, combing it with my blood-red, manicured nails.  I reapplied my Chanel lipstick slowly and dabbed powder on my shiny nose and chin, in a feeble attempt to look busy.  This was embarrassing; everyone had seen my epic sprint in three-inch heels and now they were laughing at me.  Well, not visibly laughing, but I could tell by their faked, sympathetic gazes.  

Casting around the all but deserted station, I spotted a green bench, molded into what I guessed was supposed to be the natural human form.  Sighing, I hobbled over on my blistered feet to sit down.  

It was going to be a long hour.   



The End

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