11:06pm EST Tuesday

Marney hurled the 1956 F100 into a hard right onto Main Street. The rear end swung out too far, bouncing back from the kerb of the central reserve.

She was in a belligerent mood as she gunned the flathead eight and straightened out. Bad weather usually made her more aggressive. It was the only way to survive. Gran-pappy had taught her that... take the bull by horns... break them off and shove them down it's throat. And she had more reason to fume tonight.

"Fuck them… no, they could fuck themselves.. that's what!", she said to herself.

She could her them sniggering behind her back at at O'Neils. Was she a joke in town!? She'd show them, the fuckers. One day they'd see she was right all along.

As the lights of Green Springs hazed in her rear view mirror, in the mist thrown up by her rear wheels, Marney reveled in the raw power of the super-charged 5.6 ramming her through the driving rain. As she left the city limits she flicked up her brights to cut into the black-hole darkness. The swirling droplets seem like swarms of locusts. She'd only ever seen that once. And that's a once-is-all-you-ever-need experience. She shook off the "ughhh" feeling creeping on her skin, and put her foot down.

'Home and Jacks, yeeee-haa', Marney consoled herself loudly, trying to dispel the creeps.

Low visibility and slippery conditions might faze some... But not Marney Nicholson... God knows she'd been stationed in soggy Washington long enough to know how to handle a little aechh-too-ohh. And she'd been driving this road back and forth to Green Springs since... forever. She could probably drive it blind folded.

"Let's see"

She closed her eyes... not quite completely... just to slits

"...use the force Leia..."

After about half a minute the arrow straight road boosted Marney's confidence that she was managing to drive blind. Her side vision only just caught some blue and red flashes. Even as she went to full alert, the F100 wrenched up as she hit and ran over something in the road.

"Jeez!!!", she cried aloud.

Marney slammed the brakes full on. Without ABS, the F100 couldn't do much other respond by bringing it's rear end around on the wet road,

'Fucking A-hole', Marney screamed out as she wrestled with the wheel. As the F100 bumped and tilted, she knew she was coming off the highway.

"bad, bad, bad", she screeched to herself

Taking her foot off the brake and gunning the flathead, she heard and felt the rear wheels spin and then the F100 leveled and smoothed out and she slammed the brake on again.

She held on tight to the brake and wheel as she let the powerful motor judder into a stall.

There was only the drumming of the rain on the roof left.

"shit shit shiiiit, what the hell was that.?"

Marney was shaking, talking to herself in the way that people do when they already know the answer they want to pretend they don't. She looked around and realised she was in the middle of the road. Good driving Marney, she congratulated herself.

"There's nothing out threre... coulda just been a trick of the imagination"

Marney thought furiously... "shit shit shiiit"... she banged her hands in frustration on the wheel. She didn't really want to go out and check... and if she'd run an animal or something over, it might be better if she didn't know...

She turned the ignition off... and then on again all the way to start. The headlights went out and the flat-eight cranked noisily for a couple seconds... before bursting back into life with a roar. She revved it, just to make sure it wasn't going to die on her.

The motor throbbed through her soul... her every instinct told her to run. After what seemed like an eternity, she put the gear lever to drive... then turned off the motor.

Taking a deep breath and the flashlight from the glove box, she paused to pull on the hood of her parka before stepping out.

And almost tripped over the lump laying just outside the driver door.

"Shit shit shiiiiiiit"

The End

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