On the fields of ArmageddonMature

Always wanted to try and write a novel...So here is an attempt....Enjoy

The last moments of Harry Smith

Harry Smith was running, tearing down the alley not daring to look back.


‘Surely it’s all a dream. That’s it, just a dream. None of this is real...’


His thoughts were interrupted by a scream from behind him. Not a scream of pain, nor of fear, this was a scream of pure joy, a horrible, demonic, joyful scream.


‘It’s getting closer, oh God no IT’S GETTING CLOSER!


He ran ever faster down the alley, turning left, then right, then left again in a desperate bid to lose whatever it was that was following him. He kept running. Horrible gruesome images filled his head, images of what may be following him, Werewolf, Frankenstein, Count bloody Dracula. He paid no attention as to where on earth he was running, he just ran.


Thud, Thud, Thud, THUD


Whatever this ‘thing’ was, it had to be huge. As Harry ran the ground shook. Each thundering step his pursuer made felt like an earthquake to Harry.  Each thundering step brought it one more closer to its prey. It was gaining ground fast. It screamed with delight once again, the demonic scream filled Harry's head with vivid images of monsters and demons alike. And so Harry Smith continued to run.


Why me. WHY ME. What the hell does it want with me!’


Harry was so lost in his own thoughts that he didn’t hear the thuds cease, didn’t hear the almost human sounding laughter from directly above him and also didn’t hear the light click as something landed fifty feet in front of him. But Harry did see someone or something waving to him as he ran.

He stopped and looked at this figure in front of him. Forgetting entirely about what had just been happening, about the thuds and the running. He just stopped and stared.


There was a man standing directly in front of him. He was of slim build with dark hair and a thin smile on his thin, pale face. He was wearing a black three piece suit and wore a black trilby hat that covered his eyes. Around his neck, there was a chain, white gold with a braided effect. At the end of this chain hung a pendant, the pendant was a small silver cross. This wasn’t like most crosses you see daily.  It seemed to have a life of its own, there was no image of Christ, no image of anything actually, the entire cross was alight, burning. Real red fire surrounding a silver pendant. The man looked up at Harry, the hat still obscuring his eyes.


‘Ah Harry. Nice to finally see you’ the man smiled ‘I’d been trying to get in touch but you just seemed to not want anything to do with me, running and running like that. It’s really rude you know. I came here specially to see you and you just ran away from me, unbelievable’ he laughed ‘And then you had the cheek to imagine me as some form of fictional monster’ he laughed even harder, clutching his sides as he did so. Harry wasn’t so amused.


‘How did you know what!’ Harry yelled ‘What the hell’s going on, who the hell are you?’ tears formed around Harry’s eyes, he wanted so desperately to run, run far away from this mind reading man. But he just couldn’t, his feet were heavy, too heavy to move as if they had been glued there.


‘Who the ‘Hell’ am I?’ The man asked ‘How ironic, how very ironic, you read about me, you know I exist, you constantly fear my very name. But when the time comes, you simply do not recognise me. How cute’ he laughed again, a short chuckle. Constantly smiling at Harry he raised a hand to his hat and bowed, taking off his hat as he did so. ‘Well, if you are so inclined to know my person, I guess I will have to introduce myself.’ He stood straight once again, the hat now in his hand, Harry could see his eyes, or whatever they were. His ‘eyes’ were black. Shark-like black eyes. They were as deep as space and so many more times as dark. As Harry stared into those cold shark-like eyes he could see pain. Not the man’s pain, but the pain of thousands, millions. These eyes were full of it, and the man loved it. ‘You know me by many names, Beelzebub, Satan, ‘The Devil’’ he said the last one sarcastically and laughed once again because of it ‘I honestly like all those names. But I do prefer my given title so, call me Lucifer’. He bowed again.


Harry stared at him in disbelief ‘Lucifer? Who the devil...Who on earth does he think he is?’ Lucifer looked up at Harry and smiled.


‘Oh poor, poor Harry. You were a believer once remember? You may have lost your faith after Lucy was shot, but still. You must remember all those things the vicar said? About Lucifer, the bringer of light, leader of music and all that. The one who turned against God and was banished because of it? Oh Harry’ He said this with the tenderness of an adult talking to a bad child ‘All that was true. And look!’ he twirled around ‘Here I am. In the flesh, so to speak’. He replaced his hat, covering his shark’s eyes once again.


‘Well, why are you here? What do you want from me?’ Harry tried to shout this, but all he could muster was a whimpering whisper. At that moment Lucifer picked up a bag, Harry could’ve sworn that it hadn’t been there a few seconds ago, but there it was. This bag was red, blood red with a small leather handle at the top.


‘Have you ever read Revelations before Harry? Of course you have. Well do remember the bit where Satan walks the earth? The antichrist rising into power. Well without giving my game away let’s just say that I thought today was a good day to have some fun. And fun I shall have’ He opened the bag, it fell into two halves. Inside it looked like some DIY mans tool box, but these tools were not there to make a shelf. These were surgeon’s tools. Lucifer looked up at Harry. ‘I am really sorry Harry, but I need a face. I cannot get to the top looking like this. I have no history, no records of my existence. You on the other hand. A lonely thirty something widower, few friends and even fewer potentials, well...You’re the perfect candidate’. He pulled out a long thin knife, a jagged spike protruded from the handle and the blade was serrated. ‘I would say this isn’t going to hurt a bit. But...I think we both know the truth don't we’ Lucifer smiled. Harry tried to scream but it was too late.

The End

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