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His facebook profile, which he rarely updates read: Relationship Status: single; Network: Toronto; Interested in: women who are interested in me; Religious views: none except when I need help; Activities: rock n’ roll and more rock n’ roll; Interests: keeping the cops away from my door; Looking for: the best Goth club in T.O.; About Me: if we’ve met there is nothing to say; College: graduate of school of life –  Masters in jerking the system; Group Manager of: Poisonblack (Canada) facebook page.

He keeps in touch with his world through status updates posted by his facebook friends. These are mostly people he has ‘befriended’ through his Poisonblack page or the Toronto club scene.

This mornings status updates:
Mel Collingwood: “Dudes – check this out. A link for Siouxsie live in Berlin.” (a new youtube video for Siouxsie and the Banshees). Zander watches it and clicks the thumbs up ‘like’ button.

Martina Polin: “Took the what kind of cow are you quiz. Result – Alberta Beef.” Zander groans out load, “Yeah, you’re a cow alright.”

Sam Dickenson: “City workers voted down the offer, it’ll be weeks before the garbage is collected. Madness, absolute madness.” To this Zander commented: “I smell the stench of union rats.”

It’s Friday and he checks the T.O. clubs for the evenings shows. Lately he’s been following Bone Trigger, a local Goth act. It’s hard core stuff. He loves the way lead singer Matilda LeHun seems to swallow the mike on her death growls. They’ll have a disk deal soon, he knows it.

In his own mind, Zander is famous for his contribution to Goth Rock development in Canada. Amongst the total of 5 facebook pages dedicated to Poisonblack, an up and coming Finnish Goth Rock act, is Zander’s Poisonblack (Canada) page. There are 113 members, many of whom he recognizes when he goes to clubs like Funhaus, Savage Garden, Velvet Underground and his favorite the Bovine Sex Club. Following Poisonblack and reporting their progress is a role he has taken on willingly and this ‘selfless act’ has its rewards. Lead guitarist and vocalist Ville Laihiala sent Zander a used guitar pick and signed photo. Amongst Zander’s fantasies is the roaring crowd below him as he introduces, “My good friend Ville Laihiala and Poisonblack,” on stage at Maple Leaf Gardens.

There is something attractive about the blood dripping screams of death metal that gives Zander a kick. Live shows are particularly thrilling. Perhaps it’s the Prozac and Vodka but everything is a bit more gruesome when under the influence. 

The End

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