On the Eve of Change

So basically, this is a prequel type of thing to the main story which is the real focus. It's about Rannon, the real main character's father and how he meets his wife, and how he starts a change that will shake the land of Moor to its' roots.

Rannon was born a Wolven, and so he would die a Wolven. Down-trodden, hated, and starving, that was the condition of his people and he was no exception to the rule. In the Kingdom of Moor, only the humans and those beings that lived in lands unreachable by the grasping hand of man had prospered. The wolven were not so lucky. Being a simple people who lived in packs throughout the large forests that covered most of the world, they didn't have many weapons beyond their claws and fangs. Nor did they have any real idea of what it was to covet something. But they learned fast when the human began to kill them and cut down the trees. It was then that they learned the meaning of hatred; it was then that they learned the pain of a sword.

Much of the forest was destroyed and turned into ugly wood dwellings for the humans and their many spawn. The wolven began to get corralled together as more and more of their home disappeared. Since the wolven are very territorial, the first wars over the scanty remains of land began to kill off the already dwindling population. Eventually, the slaughtering of the woods was stopped by the combined forces of the Holly and Oak King, the eastlanders, the elves, and the night-dwellers. Of course the wolven would have been petitioned to join the fray, but they had no central leader to ask and so were left to their own devices.


Rannon shook himself from his reverie and looked around his small den that contained the whole of his world. Countless animal pelts from the many kills he had made, tanned so that they can be used as blankets or cover in the rain. Several blades he had taken by force from travelers in the forest, or by honest duels, and herbs. His collection of herbs hung from the ceiling dangling from roots thick enough to support them. Even though his den was small, it always smelled of camphor, chamomile, lavender, and countless other herbs with a medicinal purpose. His mother had been a medicine woman to their pack. Although Rannon no longer had a pack, he was pushed by an unexplainable force to continue his mother's work.


Like most Wolven men, Rannon was tall and muscular when he deigned to take his more humanoid form, and large and fearsome when he was a full wolf. On his own, he was able to bring down a deer; if he were lucky and kept his wits about him, a bear. His fur was a dark gray and healthy, his teeth good, and his eyes bright. Although he was strong, healthy, and skilled, he was still alone. There were few wolven left in the forest and because of this, even fewer females. Many of the wolven men, separated from their packs and began to interbreed with the humans and other races of the forest. It had been only 30 years since the humans had begun their empire and the wolven were almost extinct.


With a grunt, Rannon pulled himself out through his den's entrance and shook himself. He was more wolf than humanoid that day due to the moon's lunar cycle and his thought processes were beginning to suffer. Compared to the philosophical thoughts of earlier, his constant running mental stream of eat, mate, protect, shelter was rather primitive. He growled as he scented the air. Satisfied that no females were in the area, that no invaders had come today for his territory, and that his shelter was reasonably safe, he decided to sate his first need. Off Rannon ran, quiet except for the occasional rustle of leaves as he passed through.

The forests of moor themselves were a mystery to even the inhabitants. Many magical creatures existed within its' boundaries and their origins were strange. It was rumored that the first wolven was born from a woman who had done nothing more than fall asleep while traveling the forest road. As the forest did what it pleased, it changed the road to a different location, and the woman woke up on the boundaries. 9 months later, or so the legend goes, the human woman came back to the forest and gave birth a creature that was all fur and claws. She had not lain with a man while she slept in the woods, nor had she been violated. The forest had worked its' strange magic and that was the end of it. The first wolven was birthed.


The End

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